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The Yangtze Diluting Water and the Ocean Current System Caused an Obviously Genetic Divergence of Meretrix meretrix in China. Baoying Guo; Jiji Li; Yingying Ye; Yahong Guo; Jiantong Feng; Zeqin Fu; Yunfang Tian Report Aug 31, 2020 5086
AGE AND GROWTH OF THE HORSE CLAM TRESUS KEENAE IN SETO INLAND SEA AND ISE BAY, WESTERN JAPAN. Katayama, Satoshi; Hong, Zequn; Yamamoto, Masayuki; Miyagawa, Taiki; Sugiura, Daisuke Report Aug 1, 2020 4647
THE ASIAN CLAM CORBICULA FLUMINEA AS A POLLUTION SENTINEL SPECIES. Mincy, Grant A.; Mckinney, Michael L. Report Apr 1, 2019 5606
Effects of Symbiodinium Colonization on Growth and Cell Proliferation in the Giant Clam Hippopus hippopus. Gula, Rachel L.; Adams, Diane K. Report Apr 1, 2018 5490
REPRODUCTIVE CYCLE OF THE RAZOR CLAM SOLEN GORDONIS IN SASEBO BAY, KYUSHU, JAPAN. Takeuchi, Seiji; Ishii, Yuji; Yoshikoshi, Kazuma; Takamasu, Takeshi; Nagae, Saki; Tamaki, Akio Report Dec 1, 2017 5545
PARASITIC CASTRATION OF CHOCOLATE CLAM MEGA PITA RIA SQUALIDA (SOWERBY, 1835) CAUSED BY TREMATODE LARVAE. Yee-Duarte, Josue A.; Ceballos-Vazquez, Bertha P.; Shumilin, Evgueni; Kidd, Karen A.; Arellano-Marti Report Dec 1, 2017 4873
MEIOSIS MATURATION IN THE MARINE CLAM ANOMALOCARDIA BRASILIANA (VENERIDAE). Lavander, Henrique; Dos Santos, Genialdo; Olivera, Alfredo; De Carvalho, Reginaldo; Guerra, Marcelo; Report Dec 1, 2017 4060
MASS MORTALITY IN NOAH'S ARK ARCA NOAE (LINNAEUS, 1758): A CASE STUDY FROM THE STRAIT OF MESSINA (MEDITERRANEAN SEA). Bottari, Teresa; Scarfi, Giuseppa; Giacobbe, Salvatore Case study Dec 1, 2017 3725
Fatty acid composition of adult and larval sunray venus clams Macrocallista nimbosa: Environmental and gametogenic impacts. Laramore, Susan; Sturmer, Leslie; Baptiste, Richard; Yang, Huiping; Sinacore, Carolyn; Urban-Gedamke Report Aug 1, 2017 14318
Management strategy evaluation for the Atlantic surfclam (Spisula solidissima) using a spatially explicit, vessel-based fisheries model. Kuykendall, Kelsey M.; Powell, Eric N.; Klinck, John M.; Moreno, Paula T.; Leaf, Robert T. Report Jul 1, 2017 19208
A genetic linkage map of blood clam (Tegullarca granosa) based on simple sequence repeat and amplified fragment length polymorphism markers. Liu, Bo; Teng, Shuangshuang; Shao, Yanqing; Chai, Xueliang; Xiao, Guoqiang; Fang, Jun; Zhang, Jiongm Report Apr 1, 2017 7152
Gametogenesis in the sunray venus Macrocallista nimbosa (Bivalvia: Veneridae) in west central Florida in relation to temperature and food supply. Barber, Bruce J. Report Apr 1, 2017 4869
Reproduction and population structure of Acanthocardia tuberculata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Bivalvia: cardiidae) in southern Spain: implications for stock management. Tirado, Cristina; Marina, Pablo; Urra, Javier; Antit, Mouna; Salas, Carmen Report Apr 1, 2017 6466
Temporal variation in shell growth rate of cockle Anadara granosa in relation with its reproductive cycle. Mirzaei, M. Reza; Hwai, Aileen Tan Shau; Khalil, Munawar Report Apr 1, 2017 5510
Resolving the Taxonomic Status of Chamelea gallina and C. striatula (Veneridae, Bivalvia): A Combined Molecular Cytogenetic and Phylogenetic Approach. Garcia-Souto, Daniel; Qarkaxhija, Vesa; Pasantes, Juan J. Report Jan 1, 2017 5019
Mass mortalities affecting populations of the yellow clam Amarilladesma mactroides along its geographic range. Vazquez, Nuria; Fiori, Sandra; Arzul, Isabelle; Carcedo, Cecilia; Cremonte, Florencia Report Dec 1, 2016 4729
Model selection to describe the growth of the squalid callista megapitaria squalid a from the eastern gulf of California. Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto Report Dec 1, 2016 6998
Embryonic and larval development of the giant clam Tridacna noae (Roding, 1798) (Cardiidae: Tridacninae). Southgate, Paul C.; Braley, Richard D.; Militz, Thane A. Report Dec 1, 2016 5080
Modeling of growth depensation of geoduck clam Panopea globosa based on a multimodel inference approach. Luquin-Covarrubias, Marlene Anaid; Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Gonzalez-Pelaez, Sergio Scarry; Hidal Report Aug 1, 2016 7137
Reproductive cycle of the razor clam Solen marginatus (Pulteney, 1799) in the southern Mediterranean Sea (Gulf of Gabes, south Tunisia). Ayache, Nadia; Hmida, Leila; Cardoso, Joana F.M.F.; Haouas, Zohra; Da Costa, Fiz; Romdhane, Mohamed Report Aug 1, 2016 6382
Impacts of sublethal and lethal high temperatures on clams exploited in European fisheries. Macho, Gonzalo; Woodin, Sarah A.; Wethey, David S.; Vazquez, Elsa Report Aug 1, 2016 12262
Spatial variation in biofouling of a Unionid mussel (Lampsilis siliquoidea) across the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Larson, James H.; Richardson, William B.; Kennedy, Robert J.; Nelson, J.C.; Evans, Mary Anne; Schaef Report Jul 1, 2016 4804
Long-term cultivation of the deep-sea clam Calyptogena okutanii: Changes in the abundance of chemoautotrophic symbiont, elemental sulfur, and mucus. Ohishi, Kazue; Yamamoto, Masahiro; Tame, Akihiro; Kusaka, Chiho; Nagai, Yukiko; Sugimura, Makoto; In Report Jun 1, 2016 6287
Clams keep seagrasses happy, healthy: in drought, breaking plant-mollusk alliance speeds degradation. Milius, Susan Apr 16, 2016 522
Morphological and molecular differences between the invasive bivalve Ruditapes philippinarum (Adams & Reeve, 1850) and the native species Ruditapes decussatus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the northeastern Adriatic Sea. Nerlovic, Vedrana; Korlevic, Marino; Mravinac, Brankica Report Apr 1, 2016 6742
Influences of environmental variables on neurotransmission, oxidative system, and hypoxia signaling on two clam species from a Mediterranean coastal lagoon. Maisano, Maria; Natalotto, Antonino; Cappello, Tiziana; Giannetto, Alessia; Oliva, Sabrina; Parrino, Report Apr 1, 2016 6946
Identifying robust proxies of gonad maturation for the protandrous Hermaphrodite Tridacna maxima (Roding, 1798, bivalvia) from individual to population scale. Menoud, Mathilde; Van Wynsberge, Simon; Le Moullac, Gilles; Levy, Peva; Andrefouet, Serge; Remoissen Report Apr 1, 2016 7112
First description of symbionts, parasites, and diseases of the Pacific geoduck Panopea generosa from the Pacific Coast of Baja California, Mexico. Caceres-Martinez, Jorge; Vasquez-Yeomans, Rebeca; Cruz-Flores, Roberto Report Dec 1, 2015 4651
Assessing potential benthic impacts of harvesting the Pacific geoduck clam Panopea generosa in intertidal and subtidal sites in British Columbia, Canada. Liu, Wenshan; Pearce, Christopher M.; Dovey, Grant Report Dec 1, 2015 11959
Annual reproductive cycle and condition index of the New Zealand surf clam Mactra murchisoni (Deshayes, 1854) (Bivalvia: Mactridae). Nottingham, Christopher David; White, W. Lindsey Report Dec 1, 2015 4458
Influence of grain size on burrowing and alongshore distribution of the yellow clam (Amarilladesma Mactroides). Fiori, Sandra M.; Carcedo, M. Cecilia Report Dec 1, 2015 4054
Use of a liquid chromatographic method for assessment of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxin profiles in mussels and clams from Uruguay. Turner, Andrew D.; Tarnovius, Sophie; Medina, Dinorah; Salhi, Maria Report Dec 1, 2015 9871
Clams with pasta and bacon. Recipe Oct 1, 2015 255
Comparison of gametogenic cycles of the endemic European carpet shell clam (Ruditapes decussatus) and the introduced Manila clam (Ruditapes philippesarum) from a temperate coastal Mediterranean lagoon in the Dardanelles, Turkey. Genez, Pinar; Onal, Umur; Gezen, Mehmet R. Report Aug 1, 2015 4358
Population structure and dynamics of warty venus, Venus verrucosa (Bivalvia, Veneridae), in North Aegean Sea, Turkey. Colakoglu, Serhat; Palaz, Mustafa Report Aug 1, 2015 6312
Histopathological assessment of broodstock of the razor clam Ensis macha (Pharidae) from the Tongoy Bay, Chile. Orellana, Estefania; Lohrmann, Karin B. Report Aug 1, 2015 3750
Cancerous clams and other sci-fi fodder. Emerson, Eva May 16, 2015 364
Contagious cancer found in clams: third example of transmissible malignancy no threat to people. Saey, Tina Hesman May 16, 2015 758
Developing fisheries and aquaculture industries for Panopea zelandica in New Zealand. Gribben, Paul E.; Heasman, Kevin G. Report Apr 1, 2015 5714
Phylogeny and phylogeography of the geoduck Panopea (Bivalvia: Hiatellidae). Leyva-Valencia, Ignacio; Cruz-Hernandez, Pedro; Alvarez-Castaneda, Sergio T.; Rojas-Posadas, Delia I Report Apr 1, 2015 7491
Sinusoidal function modeling applied to age validation of geoducks Panopea generosa and Panopea globosa. Bautista-Romero, J. Jesus; Gonzalez-Pelaez, Sergio Scarry; Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Hidalgo-De-La Report Apr 1, 2015 7180
Maturation, spawning, and fecundity of the farmed Pacific geoduck Panopea generosa in Puget Sound, Washington. Vadopalas, Brent; Davis, Jonathan P.; Friedman, Carolyn S. Report Apr 1, 2015 4929
Temperature and food-ration optimization in the hatchery culture of juveniles of the Pacific geoduck Panopea generosa. Arney, Bianca; Liu, Wenshan; Forster, Ian; McKinley, R. Scott; Pearce, Christopher M. Report Apr 1, 2015 10749
Growth, survival, and feeding rates for the geoduck Panopea globosa during larval development. Ferreira-Arrieta, Alejandra; Garcia-Esquivel, Zaul; Gonzalez-Gomez, Marco A.; Valenzuela-Espinoza, E Report Apr 1, 2015 4929
Growth and burrowing rates of juvenile geoducks Panopea generosa and Panopea globosa under laboratory conditions. Tapia-Morales, Sandra; Garcia-Esquivel, Zaul; Vadopalas, Brent; Davis, Jonathan Report Apr 1, 2015 5345
Biochemical and histochemical changes associated with gonad development of the Cortez geoduck, Panopea globosa (Dall 1898), from the Gulf of California, Mexico. Arcos-Ortega, Fabiola G.; Leon-Hing, Santiago J. Sanchez; Rodriguez-Jaramillo, Carmen; Burgos-Aceves Report Apr 1, 2015 6421
Temporal and spatial variability of native geoduck (Panopea generosa) endosymbionts in the Pacific Northwest. Dorfmeier, Elene M.; Vadopalas, Brent; Frelier, Paul; Friedman, Carolyn S. Report Apr 1, 2015 6616
Geoduck Panopea generosa growth at its southern distribution limit in North America using a multimodel inference approach. Hidalgo-De-La-Toba, Jose Angel; Gonzalez-Pelaez, Sergio Scarry; Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Bautista Report Apr 1, 2015 7659
Modeling geoduck growth: multimodel inference in Panopea globosa from the southwestern Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. Gonzalez-Pelaez, Sergio Scarry; Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Lluch-Cota, Daniel Bernardo; Lluch-Cota, Report Apr 1, 2015 9030
Application of a gnomonic model to estimate the life span and natural mortality in Panopea globosa. Gonzalez-Pelaez, Sergio Scarry; Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Lluch-Cota, Daniel Bernardo; Bautista-Ro Report Apr 1, 2015 5504
Modeling growth of the Cortes geoduck Panopea globosa from unexploited and exploited beds in the northern Gulf of California. Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Calderon-Aguilera, Luis Eduardo; Perez-Valencia, Sergio Alejandro Report Apr 1, 2015 6246
Selection of models to predict Panopea globosa growth: application of a mixture probability distribution function. Morales-Bojorquez, Enrique; Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Aguirre-Villasenor, Hugo; Calderon-Agui Report Apr 1, 2015 7159
Comparison of growth curves of four Panopea species. Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Rodriguez-Dominguez, Guillermo Report Apr 1, 2015 3993
Genetic structure of the Cortes geoduck Panopea globosa Dall, 1898, from the Mexican Northwest. Munguia-Vega, Adrian; Leyva-Valencia, Ignacio; Lluch-Cota, Daniel B.; Cruz-Hernandez, Pedro Report Apr 1, 2015 7047
Reduced genetic variation and decreased effective number of breeders in five year-classes of cultured geo ducks (Panopea generosa). Straus, Kristina M.; Vadopalas, Brent; Davis, Jonathan P.; Friedman, Carolyn S. Report Apr 1, 2015 6476
Geoducks-a compendium. Vadopalas, Brent; Davis, Jonathan P.; Shumway, Sandra E. Editorial Apr 1, 2015 329
Clam flash may ward off predators: puzzling light display could be chemical-weapons warning. Milius, Susan Feb 7, 2015 442
Variation in Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) fecundity in eastern Hokkaido, Japan. Hasegawa, Natsuki; Sawaguchi, Sayumi; Unuma, Tatsuya; Onitsuka, Toshihiro; Hamaguchi, Masami Report Dec 1, 2014 6303
Morphological trends of four Manila clam populations (Venerupis philippinarum) on the French Atlantic Coast: identified spatial patterns and their relationship to environmental variability. Caill-Milly, Nathalie; Bru, Noelle; Barranger, Melanie; Gallon, Laurent; D'Amico, Frank Report Aug 1, 2014 10298
Spatiotemporal stability of trace and minor elemental signatures in early larval shell of the northern quahog (hard clam) Mercenaria mercenaria. Cathey, Andrew M.; Miller, Nathan R.; Kimmel, David G. Report Apr 1, 2014 6038
Disco clams put on a streak show. Milius, Susan Feb 8, 2014 359
Cadmium and lead in blood cockle (Anadara granosa) from Asajaya, Sarawak, Malaysia. Hossen, Faruk; Hamdan, Sinin; Rahman, Rezaur Report Jan 1, 2014 2687
Reproductive strategy in a littoral population of the cockle Cerastoderma glaucum from the Gulf of Gabes area (Southeastern Tunisia). Machreki-Ajmi, M.; Rebai, T.; Hamza-Chaffai, A. Report Dec 1, 2013 4141
Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus budgets of the surfclam mactra veneriformis (reeve) based on a field study in the shuangtaizi estuary, Bohai Sea of China. Zhang, Anguo; Yuan, Xiutang; Hou, Wenjiu; Wang, Lili Report Aug 1, 2013 8837
Comparison of eleven extraction methods for quantitative Evaluation of total lipids and fatty acids in the clam Anadara inaequivalvis (Bruguiere). Fiorini, Dennis; Gagliardi, Riccardo; Petrini, Agnese; Pacetti, Deborah; Zambuchini, Barbara; Barbon Report Aug 1, 2013 5812
Clam aguachile (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2013 499
Growth and longevity of Glycymeris nummaria (Linnaeus, 1758) from the eastern Adriatic, Croatia. Peharda, Melita; Crncevic, Marija; Buselic, Ivana; Richardson, Chris A.; Ezgeta-Balic, Daria Report Dec 1, 2012 2605
Storm-induced anastrophic burial of the pacific geoduck (Panopea generosa) on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Lochead, Janet; Gillespie, Darlene; Hand, Claudia Report Dec 1, 2012 4978
The impact of increased accuracy in geoduck (Panopea generosa) age determination on recommended exploitation rates. Lochead, Janet; Zhang, Zane; Hand, Claudia Report Dec 1, 2012 4141
Coctel de Mariscos (serves 6). Recipe Sep 22, 2012 255
Temporal variation of Perkinsus olseni infection intensity in the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum in Gomso Bay, off the West Coast of Korea. Yang, Hyun-Sung; Park, Kyung-Il; Donaghy, Ludovic; Adhya, Mausumi; Choi, Kwang-Sik Report Aug 1, 2012 4591
Temporal genetic similarity among year-classes of the pacific geoduck clam (Panopea generosa Gould 1850): a species exhibiting spatial genetic patchiness. Vadopalas, Brent; Leclair, Larry L.; Bentzen, Paul Report Aug 1, 2012 11146
Determining distribution and size of larval pacific geoduck clams (Panopea generosa Gould 1850) in quartermaster harbor (Washington, USA) using a novel sampling approach. Becker, Bonnie J.; Behrens, Michael D.; Shevalier, Yvonne R.A.; Henzler, Christine M.; Hoaglund, Eli Report Aug 1, 2012 9631
Estimation of individual growth parameters of the Cortes geoduck Panopea globosa from the central gulf of California using a multimodel approach. Cruz-Vasquez, Rolando; Rodriguez-Dominguez, Guillermo; Alcantara-Razo, Edgar; Aragon-Noriega, Eugeni Report Aug 1, 2012 5609
Reproductive cycle of the cockle Cerastoderma edule (linnaeus 1758) in the Ria de Vigo (Galicia, Northwest Spain). Martinez-Castro, C.; Vazquez, E. Report Aug 1, 2012 6633
Settlement and early nursery of juvenile Anadara grandis (Pelecypoda: Arcidae) under different conditions at the hatchery and ponds. Reynoso-Granados, Teodoro; Monsalvo-Spencer, Pablo; Saucedo, Pedro E.; Mazon-Suastegui, Jose M.; Rob Report Aug 1, 2012 4856
Analysis of four dispersion vectors in inland waters: the case of the invading bivalves in South America. Belz, Carlos Eduardo; Darrigran, Gustavo; Netto, Otto Samuel Mader; Boeger, Walter A.; Ribeiro, Paul Report Aug 1, 2012 6370
The ice man cometh. Cogley, Justin Recipe Jun 22, 2012 3346
Benthic spat collection of softshell clams (Mya arenaria Linnaeus, 1758) using mats. Myrand, Bruno; Chevarie, Lise; Tremblay, Rejean Report Apr 1, 2012 9031
Reproduction and population structure of Corbicula fluminea in an oligotrophic subalpine lake. Denton, Marianne E.; Chandra, Sudeep; Wittmann, Marion E.; Reuter, John; Baguley, Jeffrey G. Report Apr 1, 2012 5435
Clams of the Families Tellinidae and Veneridae and Blood Cockle of Family Arcidae From Phitti Creek and Sonmiani Along the Coast of Pakistan (Northern Arabian Sea). Jahangir, Shahnaz; Siddiqui, Ghazala; Moazzam, Muhammad; Ayub, Zarrien Report Feb 29, 2012 2794
Salinity tolerance of the bivalve Solen cylindraceus (Hanley, 1843) (Mollusca: Euheterodonta: Solenidae) in the St Lucia Estuary. Nel, H.A.; Perissinotto, R.; Taylor, R.H.; Carrasco, N.K. Report Dec 1, 2011 5665
Bedload transport of newly-settled juveniles of the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum observed in situ at Banzu tidal flat, Tokyo Bay. Toba, Mitsuharu; Ito, Makoto; Kobayashi, Yutaka Report Dec 1, 2011 9368
Quantification of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum (Adams & Reeve, 1850) larvae based on SYBR Green real-time polymerase chain reaction. Quinteiro, Javier; Perez-Dieguez, L.; Sanchez, A.; Perez-martin, R.I.; Sotelo, C.G.; Rey-Mendez, M. Report Dec 1, 2011 4186
Evaluation of three northern quahog (= hard clam) Mercenaria mercenaria (Linnaeus) strains grown in Massachusetts and New Jersey for QPX-resistance. Kraeuter, John N.; Ford, Susan; Bushek, Dave; Scarpa, Emily; Walton, william C.; Murphy, Diane C.; F Report Dec 1, 2011 7697
Evaluation of juvenile and adult mortality dynamics in the fingernail clam Musculium argentinum (D'Orbigny, 1835) (Bivalvia: Sphaeriidae). Parada, Esperanza; Lara, Gladys; Peredo, Santiago Report Dec 1, 2011 5087
Physiological, pathological, and defense alterations in Manila clams (short-neck clams), Ruditapes philippinarum, induced by Heterocapsa circularisquama. Basti, Leila; Endo, Makoto; Segawa, Susumu Report Dec 1, 2011 12189
The effect of diet on gonadal development of the smooth venus clam Callista chione (mollusca: bivalvia). Martinez-Pita, Ines; Sanchez-Lazo, Clara; Prieto, Emma; Moreno, Oscar Report Aug 1, 2011 4330
Validation of age estimation in geoduck clams using the bomb radiocarbon signal. Vadopalas, Brent; Weidman, Chris; Cronin, Elyse K. Report Aug 1, 2011 4052
Morphometric analyses of Batissa violacea shells from Emo (OAC), Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. Thangavelu, Anbarasu; David, Bruno; Barker, Bryce; Geneste, Jean-Michel; Delannoy, Jean-Jacques; Lam Report Jul 1, 2011 6092
Squid and clams with atolis, squid ink and tomato sauce. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 372
Fruits de mer. Recipe Jun 22, 2011 363
Handling enhances the development of signs of Brown ring disease in Ruditapes philippinarum. Jean, Fred; Flye-Sainte-Marie, Jonathan; Oudard, Clemence; Paillard, Christine Report Apr 1, 2011 2319
Seasonal variations in gross biochemical composition, percent edibility, and condition index of the clam Ruditapes decussatus cultivated in the Ria Formosa (South Portugal). Anibal, Jaime; Esteves, Eduardo; Rocha, Carlos Report Apr 1, 2011 5809
Reproductive cycle and recruitment patterns of the coquina clam Donax variabilis say along the central Gulf coast of Florida. Cobb, Janessa C.; Stephenson, Sarah P.; Arnold, William S. Report Apr 1, 2011 8154
New species longevity record for the northern quahog (=hard clam), Mercenaria mercenaria. Ridgway, Iain D.; Richardson, C.A.; Enos, E.; Ungvari, Z.; Austad, S.N.; Philipp, E.E.R.; Csiszar, A Report Apr 1, 2011 3047
First report on the annual gametogenesis of Heteromacoma irus (Hanley, 1845) in a rocky intertidal area, northern Jeju Island, Korea. Limpanont, Yanin; Yang, Hyun-Sung; Park, Kyung-Il; Choi, Kwang-Sik Report Apr 1, 2011 4144
Light-hearted: with a few heart-healthy tweaks, the foods you love will love you back. Ray, Heather Recipe Jan 1, 2011 652
The "southern" surfclam (Spisula solidissima similis) found north of its reported range: a commercially harvested population in Long Island Sound, New York. Hare, Matthew P.; Weinberg, James; Peterfalvy, Olga; Davidson, Maureen Report Dec 1, 2010 6885
Gonadal organization and gametogenesis in Musculium argentinum (veneroida: sphaeriidae) from a population in Southern Chile. Peredo, Santiago; Jara-Seguel, Pedro; Parada, Esperanza; Von Brand, Elisabeth Report Dec 1, 2010 3413
Morphometric relationships, age, growth, and mortality of the geoduck clam, Panopea generosa, along the Pacific Coast of Baja California, Mexico. Calderon-Aguilera, Luis Eduardo; Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Hand, Claudia M.; Moreno-Rivera, V Report Aug 1, 2010 5172
Regional differences in initial settlement and juvenile recruitment OF Mya arenaria L. (soft-shell clam) in Maine. Vassiliev, Tracy; Fegley, Stephen R.; Congleton, William R., Jr. Report Aug 1, 2010 8085
Larval rearing and spat production of the razor clam Ensis siliqua (bivalvia: pharidae). Da Costa, Fiz; Martinez-Patino, Dorotea; Ojea, Justa; Novoa, Susana Report Aug 1, 2010 4021
Relationships among shell shape, shell growth rate, and nutritional condition in the Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) in Japan. Watanabe, Satoshi; Katayama, Satoshi Report Aug 1, 2010 4157
Early larval development of Donax obesulus: response to El Nino temperature and salinity conditions. Carstensen, Daniel; Laudien, Jurgen; Sielfeld, Walter; Oliva, Marcelo E.; Arntz, Wolf E. Report Aug 1, 2010 5789
Tough creatures: some oxygen-reliant animals find a way to get the gas even in hostile environments. Brief article May 8, 2010 300
Influence of environmental factors on the reproductive cycle of the eared ark Anadara notabilis (Roding, 1798) in Northeastern Venezuela. Freites, Luis; Montero, Lerimar; Arrieche, Dwight; Babarro, Jose M.F.; Saucedo, Pedro E.; Cordova, C Report Apr 1, 2010 5435
Seasonal variations in biochemical composition and reproductive activity of Venus clam Cyclina sinensis (Gmelin) from the yellow river delta in northern China in relation to environmental factors. Yan, Hongwei; Li, Qi; Yu, Ruihai; Kong, Lingfeng Report Apr 1, 2010 6031
Nuclear DNA content in two Chilean species of Pisidium (Veneroida: Sphaeriidae). Jara-Seguel, Pedro; Parada, Esperanza; Peredo, Santiago; Palma-Rojas, Claudio; Von Brand, Elisabeth Report Apr 1, 2010 4901
Geographical trends in weight and condition index of surfclams (Spisula solidissima) in the Mid-Atlantic bight. Marzec, Rebecca J.; Kim, Yungkul; Powell, Eric N. Report Apr 1, 2010 6095
Oocyte cohort analysis: criteria for an evaluation of the reproductive cycle in Solen marginatus (pennant, 1777), (Bivalvia: Solenacea) in Southern Tunisia. Hmida, Leila; Ayache, Nadia; Haouas, Zohra; Romdhane, Mohamed Salah Report Apr 1, 2010 3060
Reproduction of the cortes geoduck Panopea globosa (bivalvia: hiatellidae) and its relationship with temperature and ocean productivity. Calderon-Aguilera, Luis Eduardo; Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Reyes-Bonilla, Hector; Paniagua-Ch Report Apr 1, 2010 3706
Comfort food makeovers: 3 all-time favorite sunset recipes, slimmed down for the new year. Machnak, Amy Recipe Jan 1, 2010 1040
Improved methodology for tracking and genetically identifying the softshell clam Mya arenaria. Hamilton, Scott; Connell, Laurie Report Dec 1, 2009 3121
Morphological and molecular effects of Vibrio splendidus on hemocytes of softshell clams, Mya arenaria. Araya, Mebrahtu T.; Siah, Ahmed; Mateo, Dante R.; Markham, Frederick; McKenna, Patty; Johnson, Gerry Report Dec 1, 2009 6472
Attachment of the nemertean Malacobdella arrokeana to the mantle of the geoduck Panopea abbreviata and survival outside the host. Vazquez, Nuria N.; Bigatti, Gregorio; Ituarte, Cristian; Cremonte, Florencia Report Dec 1, 2009 2073
Sportsman's kitchen. Dunaway, Vic Column Nov 1, 2009 617
Clamoring for clams: Florida clams (Part 1). Dunaway, Vic Oct 1, 2009 570
Thorshofn clams with wakame salad and yuzu sauce (serves 4). Recipe Sep 22, 2009 157
Ming. Cramer, Stephen Poem Sep 1, 2009 401
Population structure, growth, and production of the wedge clam Donax hanleyanus (Bivalvia: Donacidae) from northern Argentinean beaches. Herrmann, Marko; Carstensen, Daniel; Fischer, Sonke; Laudien, Jurgen; Penchaszadeh, Pablo E.; Arntz, Report Aug 1, 2009 12961
Brown muscle disease and Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum dynamics in Arcachon Bay, France. Dang, Cecile; De Montaudouin, Xavier Report Apr 1, 2009 4646
Octopus and razor clams in a smoked-tomato broth (serves 4). Brief article Mar 22, 2009 196
Mass culture and characterization of tumor cells from a naturally occurring invertebrate cancer model: applications for human and animal disease and environmental health. Walker, Charles; Bottger, S. Anne; Mulkern, Joseph; Jerszyk, Emily; Litvaitis, Marianne; Lesser, Mic Feb 1, 2009 10422
Effects of biogenic concretions, epibionts, and endobionts on the relative growth of the clam Venus verrucosa in Bizerta Lagoon, Tunisia. Menif, Najoua Trigui El-; Guezzi, Youssef; Lahbib, Youssef; Ramdani, Mohammed; Flower, Roger Abstract Dec 1, 2008 4612
Effects of temperature regime on broodstock conditioning of Ruditapes decussatus. Ojea, J.; Pazos, A.J.; Martinez, D.; Novoa, S.; Garcia-Martinez, P.; Sanchez, J.L.; Abad, M. Report Dec 1, 2008 6753
Happy as a (newly discovered) clam: want to find something on the seafloor? Engineer Tom Crook's your man. Nevala, Amy E. Sep 1, 2008 1082
Indicator and other bacteria in striped Venus (Chamelea gallina, L.) and wedge clam (Donax trunculus) from the northern coast of the sea of Marmara, Turkey. Altug, Gulsen; Cardak, Mine; Ciftci, Pelin S. Report Aug 1, 2008 4275
Morphological and molecular analysis of an invasive species, Corbicula. Juchs, Stephanie Brief article Jul 1, 2008 165
Take your fishbowl to the beach: here's a way to look at sea creatures up close. Ewen, Les Brief article Jul 1, 2008 383
Reliability of abundance estimates of the propellerclam (Cyrtodaria siliqua) derived from their burrow openings: a case study from Banquereau, Eastern Canada. Gilkinson, Kent Report Apr 1, 2008 3501
Polymorphisms at three introns in the Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) and the grooved carpet-shell clam (R. decussatus). Cordero, David; Pena, Juan B.; Saavedra, Carlos Report Apr 1, 2008 4438
Chromosomal mapping of the major ribosomal RNA genes in the dwarf surfclam (Mulinia lateralis Say). Yongping, Wang; Ximing, Guo Report Apr 1, 2008 3307
Proteome assay of temperature stress and protein stability in extreme environments: groundwork with the heat stress response of the bivalve Mercenaria mercenaria. Ulrich, Paul N.; Marsh, Adam G. Report Mar 1, 2008 4513
Investigation of Perkinsus spp. in aquacultured hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) from the Florida Gulf Coast. McCoy, Ayana; Baker, Shirley M.; Wright, Anita C. Report Dec 1, 2007 3047
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