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Claims rush after loan scam expose; EXCLUSIVE.


HUNDREDS of consumers have put in claims after the Irish Daily Mirror exposed greedy lenders mis-selling insurance.

Yesterday we revealed how banks and credit card companies fleeced people in a loan protection racket. said it has received a massive surge in requests from consumers who were flogged the Payment Protection Insurance.

Company chief Eddie Doyle added: "We have seen a surge in calls especially in the last number of days from people who have been wrongly sold this insurance.

"There has been a mass number of cases growing.

"Up to 80% of these claims are legitimate so lenders will face a massive bill paying back these people back who they have conned.

"We are receiving and processing a staggering number of complaints now from the general public nationwide.

"In Ireland, refunds due to complainants for PPI can run into many thousands of euro."

Banks mis-sold the insurance to a raft of people including the unemployed, the retired, the selfemployed, seasonal workers and people with pre-existing illnesses who never qualified for a payout.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 12, 2011
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