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Civil unions stand.

The Vermont house of representatives tried its best, but its effort to repeal the state's civil unions law isn't heading anywhere too fast. The senate says it won't address the repeal bill, and Gov. Howard Dean says he won't sign any legislation changing the civil unions law.

The repeal move came in the form of a "reciprocal partnership' bill, passed by the house May 24, that would confer marriage benefits on all relationships between two people who cannot other-wise marry, including, for instance, pairs of blood relatives. Civil unions apply only to same-sex couples.

Although supporters of the bill, which passed 72-69, said it was meant to provide equal rights to all Vermonters, many gay people said the bill was an insult.

"Last year we crafted a Vermont compromise, and we called it civil union," said Rep. William Lippert, who is openly gay. "What we have before us today is not just an expansion, as proclaimed; it in fact undoes that Vermont compromise called civil union. You cannot escape that."
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Title Annotation:efforts to repeal civil union legislation in Vermont
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Jul 3, 2001
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