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Civil War films for teachers and historians.


Civil War films for teachers and historians.

Russell, William B. III.

Univ. Press of America


71 pages




Coming to the aid of teachers who cannot remember any films about the Civil War other than Gone with the Wind, Russell (social science education, U. of Central Florida) gives the details on nearly 100 films that cover a range of subjects. He begins, however, by giving educators advice on using film as a means of teaching about Civil War history, relating filmed material to curriculum goals, and making sure of legal issues in preparing supporting materials and copying films or portions of films. Russell's filmography is impressive and includes titles, ratings, directors, producers, running times, country and language, studio, distributor, and a brief review of historical content, The films range from Hollywood blockbusters (Alvarez Kelly and Dances with Wolves) to modern classics such as Gettysburg and Glory. Russell even includes silent films such as The General and television programs such as Roots.

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