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Civil Litigation: Pretrial Case Development and Discovery.


Civil Litigation: Pretrial Case Development and Discovery

Craig M. Roen and Sharon Reich Paulsen

West Academic Publishing


303 pages


American Casebook Series


When a dispute arises, it is a ligitator who must quickly master the facts, applicable law, and design in order to construct and present a winning case, as well as be fluent in what specialists know. A litigator must be able to create a narrative and build a case which is complicated by the fact that it is highly rule-bound. Discovery practice is central to case development and takes up the bulk of the litigatorAEs time. Roen and Paulsen aim to introduce the reader to skills, concepts, and strategies necessary to become a skilled litigator able to get the best possible outcome for your client. This book introduces the reader to strategic and tactical approaches to discovery practice. It also introduces a conceptual framework for thinking strategically and tactically about case development and discovery and it guides the reader through the rules that govern civil litigation. It is intended to promote thought about civil litigation in a holistic way: case development and discovery are made up of many interdependent components, each of which, depending upon how it is executed, will support or undermine the entire enterprise. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Feb 1, 2017
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