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Civil Alliance for Positive Macedonia promises 100,000 jobs.

After in the last elections the right wing confirmed its domination on the Macedonian political stage and the left wing started reorganizing itself under Zoran Zaev's leadership, the political center is now gaining ground, Nova Makedonija reports.

Journalist Ljupco Zikov and former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski together with a dozen other businessmen, intellectuals and public figures are going to promote their long-announced political movement--Civil Alliance for Positive Macedonia (GAMP), in Skopje on Wednesday. It is speculated that Ljupco Zikov will be appointed leader of the new political party at the inauguration meeting to be attended by numerous guests from Macedonia and abroad as well as by representatives of the foreign missions to Macedonia.

This is going to be the second civil initiative of the political center promoted in Macedonia after Karpos Mayor Stevco Jakimovski promoted its Civil Option of Macedonia (GROM) less than a month ago.

The Alliance has so far distributed 23,000 membership forms as over 11,000 of them have been filled in and returned, which, according to Zikov, is quite satisfactory.

"We are happy how people react to our membership forms. We are going to continue communicating with those that join us. Right after the promotion Wednesday until the end of the August, we are going to organize many promotional activities. We intend to open 20 offices across the country, eight of which are in their closing stage. Initiators as you know are Vlado Buckovski, Minco Jordanov and myself as well as about 10-12 other people. I would not like to reveal what other famous public figures are with us. However, we are not enslaved to fame. Above all we wish to attract hard-working people, intellectuals that wish to work on the change and reform in our country," Zikov said.

He explained that their target group is the undecided, those that may have never voted thus far and may now take sides for the first time.

"We are completely open to accept them since we are a movement of the center focusing on the individual. Current members of other parties, whether from the government or the opposition, unsatisfied with their present membership, may join us too. However, we refuse to spend time on developing active policies for attracting members of other parties," Zikov added.

GAMP is going to run in the next parliamentary elections as a movement, which they believe is a more acceptable and a more relaxed form than a classical party.

Zikov explains that the program of the new civil movement is going to focus on political reform, better interpersonal relations and, most importantly, economic invigoration.

"The economic invigoration is our crucial segment in which we are investing enormous energy. For example, we have a finished project for opening 100,000 jobs for a period of four years. We intend to do this by turning to home investors, to companies founded and run by Macedonian citizens whose output will be exported to the neighboring countries. We have to replace import with export especially when it comes to food. We need to support opening of home food-producing factories," Zikov explains.

The second crucial element in GAMP's program will be putting a stop to the white plague and the brain drain. According to Zikov, with their projects in this regard they intend not just to avert the brain drain process but also to stimulate those that have already left the country over the past 10-12 years to return. The white plague, he says, is a major threat. It is going to be regarded as one of our exoduses that happened in the past for political reasons and is now happening for economic ones.

As far as Macedonia's strategic interests are concerned, GAMP believes that the European and Euro-Atlantic integration and strengthening of ties with the USA as a crucial partner should remain to be Macedonia's priorities.

"In any case, our views should be clear and the actions we are to take in this regard should be well-known. The Macedonian identity as well as the Macedonian language must not change. We are clear on that and have no differences with the other parties either from the government or the opposition. A national consensus on these issues has more or less been achieved," Zikov says.

He also adds however that if at a given point in time the thesis that the country should change its strategic course prevails, they would open up a debate about new possibilities and directions.

Political analysts believe that as a result of the lethargy that has taken hold of the current opposition, it is not ruled out that voters would give a chance to a third political option in the next parliamentary elections. Zidas Daskalovski from the Institute for Research and Policy Making said at the public debate organized by the Pavel Satev Institute in Skopje Wednesday that the Macedonian political arena needs a third option that would shatter the classical political rivalry between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM.

"VMRO-DPMNE's win in the next elections is getting increasingly more certain and it will be truly interesting to see what number two is--either SDSM, or perhaps Jakimovski's GROM or Buckovski's GAMP," he said.

IvicaBocevski, former Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, said at the debate that divisions in SDSM are yet to happen. In his view, Vlado Buckovski understood the echo of time and unlike the others in SDSM started opening himself toward the center.

"I am not sure that the new parties tending to become the third option will truly be an equal opponent of VMRO-DPMNE yet they will surely be a serious competition to SDSM," he said.
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