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City slicker with a go-kart feel; TEST DRIVE.


BELIEVE it or not, this city slicker and Fiat's 500 are twins separated at birth.

The two were co-designed by Fiat and Ford and - despite the Ka's cameo in Quantum of Solace - it's been the iconic Italian which has grabbed headlines so far.

The Ka may not have the crowd-pulling looks of the 500 but it's still a pretty car. It's also a better machine than its radical ancestor, which proved so successful it lasted 12 long years in production.

Anyone used to the old Ka's go-kart steering isn't going to be dissapointed with this new version, even if the ride's still a bit bouncy..

Ford say they have tweaked the suspension to make it more sporty than the 500, and anyone who hustles this through a tight roundabout is going to love its fun handling and all round ease of driving.

It's just a shame that this Ka is always going to live in the shadow of the radical original, but that's more a reflection of how bold the original was when it came along in 1996 than any failing of this one.

It might not be a car to change the world, but the new Ka is better than the old one in every way, and it's a small car that celebrates smallness.

If you've driven a Fiat 500 and been at all dissapointed, you might want to give one of these city slickers a try.


Ka shares much with Fiat 500
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2009
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