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City of L.A. Takes Delegates `On Location' Mobile Workshops Will Showcase Local Successes.

Los Angeles is "the place" for higher education. L.A. is home to 176 colleges and universities, including the campuses of the University of California, and seven campuses of the California State College and University system. Many private colleges are also located in the City of Los Angeles, such as the University of Southern California, Cal Tech, Claremont College, the Fashion Institute of Design and Occidental College.

And, Los Angeles is the perfect place to host a series of cutting-edge educational workshops for the delegates of the National League of Cities.

These workshops will not be held in your typical classroom setting. The City of Los Angeles is going to take delegates "on location" for a series interactive mobile workshops that showcase the innovative civic and community programs offered in the City of Angels.

Delegates attending the National League of Cities convention will have the opportunity to literally see and experience everything these seminars and workshops have to offer. An expert in the field or specialty being covered will facilitate each workshop.

The Workshops

The L.A. Mobile Workshops' line-up for Thursday, December 2nd and Friday, December 3rd includes the following activities:

* LAPD Blue. Here, delegates will attend The LAPD Edward M. Davis Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC), where they will receive instruction on police tactics, firearms and emergency vehicle operations. Highlights include the Interactive Driving Simulator which features challenging interactive vehicle maneuvers and scenarios; the Simulation Village Demonstration, including response tactics utilized by LAPD officers; and a High Speed Driving Demonstration, illustrating the proper way to maintain control of a vehicle during a high speed driving exercise.

* L.A. Is An Urban Canvas. This workshop offers an introduction to the "Public Art Program." In 1989, the City of Los Angels adopted a series of landmark ordinances that required a one percent proportion of the value of new construction over $500,000 be allocated to support and develop the arts. Results include commissions of artist-designed elements in building projects, as well as support for the City's "Murals Project." Murals are integral part of cultural expression in the Los Angeles. The city has funded the public murals projects since the 1970s.

* Delegates Dock At Port of L.A. -- See and experience the Port of Los Angeles, one of the busiest ports in the nation, on this afternoon boat tour. The Port of L.A. is a magnificent gateway for international trade and commerce. Twenty-nine diverse, state-of-the-art cargo facilities are located here.

Looking to the future.... The Port will complete its $600 million capital improvement development program, which includes its Pier 300/400 Implementation Program and expanded World Cruise Center, by the year 2020.

* There's No Place Like Home -This workshop showcases three innovative and award-winning housing projects located close to the heart of the City, near Downtown L.A. Delegates will tour Casa Loma, a new facility of 110 family units offering such amenities as a child care center and a computer/educational room; and Casa Mariposa, a 115-unit complex for single mothers with large families - offering social services on site, counseling and career planning. There's also Steel Plaza, the HUD funded Section 202 senior citizen housing project. All of these facilities are completed and fully occupied.

* L.A. On The Move - Delegates will visit L.A. City Hall and go into command central of the ATSAC -- Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control. The ATSAC is designing and planning the specifications and estimates for the construction and installation of a state-of-the-art, computerized ATSAC traffic signal system.

It also oversees the field engineering, construction and implementation of the signal system. Nationally recognized, the ATSAC System was developed, and is managed by, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

The high-tech system is an interconnected and intricately coordinated signal system that' automatically monitors and manages surface street traffic. The ATSAC's network of computers and video cameras surveys traffic and responds appropriately to fluctuating traffic demands.

This is a powerful tool for reducing delays and minimizing traffic congestion. Each dollar expended for the ATSAC program results in $32 million in tangible benefits for recurrent travel conditions.

The system is also indispensable in responding to such events as parades, freeway closures, sporting events and natural emergencies.

* Speak Your Mind -- Participate in "Days Of Dialogue," an innovative program created to foster dialogue among the diverse cultural and ethnic groups of our society. This highly participatory process encourages small group discussions where participants are given the chance to converse and share ideas and opinions in a safe and unbiased environment under the supervision of a trained facilitator. The program was inaugurated in 1995 with a meeting of 20 civic leaders and community activists whose mission was to work together and defuse escalating inter-community tensions.

Today, this successful program receives strong support from all communities throughout Southern California.

Delegates will be able to sign up for these mobile workshops in the registration area at the Los Angeles Convention Center. All tour buses will depart from and return to the Convention Center.

Details: For more information, visit the city of Los Angeles home page at
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