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City limits. (Texas).

When you're battling a sprawl problem as big as the state of Texas, you need a media campaign to match. That's why the Lone Star Chapter launched its Wide Open Spaces Campaign, an all-out effort to educate Texans about the need for parklands and to enlist their help. The campaign's newspaper ads hit the state's proud residents square in the myth. "Texas's Wide Open Spaces ... Aren't So Wide or Open Anymore" they proclaim above contrasting photos of bucolic ranchland and congested interstates. In a call to arms that would make Sam Houston proud, the ads declare: "We are losing the broad expanses of land that define us as Texans, nourish our spirit, and need our protection." This time, though, the goal isn't to expand the frontier, but simply to urge the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to develop a statewide land and water conservation plan. While 85 percent of Texas's population is concentrated in urban areas, the state ranks 49th in per capita spending on state parks. The state grew nearly 23 percent in ten years to 21 million; state capital Austin, on the edge of the idyllic Hill Country, ballooned more than 40 percent in that time. For more information, go to http://texas.sierra

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Title Annotation:Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter launches Wide Open Spaces Campaign
Author:McManus, Reed
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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