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City in Aichi to offer own car subsidies.

NAGOYA, Aug. 19 Kyodo

A city in Aichi Prefecture, home to many parts suppliers to Toyota Motor Corp., has decided to offer its own subsidies for the purchase of ecologically friendly cars after the state's subsidies program for the vehicles expires at the end of September, city officials said Thursday.

The Anjo city government aims through the move to help prevent sharp falls in new-vehicle sales and corporate tax revenues after the expiration of the central government's temporary economic stimulus measure.

Registered residents and companies with an office in the city will be eligible for the subsidies from the local government when they buy new eco-cars from a car dealer in the city, the officials said.

The local government will offer a subsidy of 100,000 yen per regular car and 50,000 yen per minivehicle with engine displacements of up to 660 cc.

The subsidies will be available for the purchase of one car for a resident and five cars for a company.

The program is basically the same as the central government's, but Anjo city's requirements for cars to qualify are tougher.

The aid program is planned to last until the end of March 2011. The city government plans to submit a supplementary budget request for about 160 million yen for the subsidies program at a city assembly meeting next month.

Other municipalities in Aichi Prefecture such as Toyota and Okazaki cities have already been offering their own subsidies for the purchase of eco-friendly cars. They also plan to extend the programs after the expiration of the state's subsidies.
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Publication:Japan Transportation Scan
Date:Aug 23, 2010
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