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City heritage being destroyed; Views of Wales.

I HAVE lived here since 1972. I am a Yorkshire dales man, a country bumpkin and no friend of cities. I lived in London for two years and hated it. Cardiff I love.

Having been privileged to play with local jazz bands - though why they put up with me, I do not know - I gained a deep knowledge of places like Tiger Bay and disreputable pubs like the Blue Moon, the North Star and the Park Vaults.

Cardiff was absolutely ace. A wonderful city full of anachronistic buildings markets and people. Items like you could go from St Mary Street to Westgate through offices and you could get out of the Blue Moon much faster than you got in and there was a pub on James Street where on a Sunday they had to shut for the afternoon so a free Sunday dinner was provided upstairs.

There was nothing like this wonderful city anywhere else - and now it is being destroyed in the name of some pagan god called progress. This is wrong: bitterly wrong. The entire heritage of the best city in the world is being destroyed in the pursuit of money.

Please stop the rot before there is nothing left.

Peter Sunman Pen y Lan, Cardiff

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jul 25, 2017
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