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City children are well protected.

In response to the letter, Services are Out of Touch With Us, in Wednesday's Chronicle.

The Newcastle Area Child Protection Committee's new website is just one aspect of a campaign to raise public awareness - it is not being solely relied on to give information to the public. The same edition of the Chronicle had an excellent feature and frequently asked questions and answers which highlighted the main types of child abuse and what people could do if they thought a child was being abused.

In the wake of the Victoria Climbie Inquiry, it is important that local people are reassured that Newcastle ACPC protects children well. Child abuse is a very emotive issue and because lots of different agencies such as social services, the police, health and voluntary organisations work together, it's not surprising some people don't understand who is responsible.

It's a pity that the writer does not have confidence in his local services in Cramlington. Newcastle's Social Services has been awarded three stars for the third year running by the Audit Commission and the Social Services Inspectorate.

I'm proud to say this makes Newcastle Council's social services one of the best in the UK and I have every confidence in our staff and our partners.

I recognise not everyone has the Internet at home or at work but it is a fact of our modern society that Internet use is growing daily. To ignore the Internet as a valuable tool for giving people information would be shortsighted.

People in Newcastle can use the Internet free at any city library, as well as the council's Customer Service Centres at the Civic Centre, Shields Road in Byker and Denton Park Shopping Centre, in West Denton.

Coun John O'Shea,

Cabinet Member, Health and Social Care, Newcastle Council.

PO closures are so stupid

THE closure of Post Offices across Tyneside is a stupid, almost outrageous, proposal, possibly based on information supplied by accountants; a breed famous for knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing!

I live near the Heaton Park PO. It is busy most of the time, not only with people cashing in their pension and benefit payments but also with business people who value the relative ease of parking. In addition, the PO is a focal point of local life.

My mother, aged 80, and who has no bank account, relies on this PO for her supply of cash for day to day spending. The other nearest PO is too far for her to walk. Without this valuable local facility some of her independence will be lost.

This proposal needs to be challenged and examined in detail. I for one will be asking my MP and councillors to take up this campaign.

JOHN DIXON, by email

JFK kudos is not warranted

THE 40th anniversary of JFK's assassination has brought an unmerited, flood of adulation. The Kennedy I recall brought us close to nuclear war, not in answer to the Cuban crisis but directly due to personal animosity between him and Mr Kruschev.

He put weight behind the campaign for black equality but it was seen at the time as a cynical move to win the liberal vote. His highly-publicised promiscuity was irrelevant but not the rumoured mob connection he was suspected of having inheriting from his father, which featured in many post-mortem theories along with suggestions it was the CIA averting WW3. Somebody did it, and many of us shed no tears.

DON HENDERSON, Holmside Avenue, Gateshead.

Help me save foreign cats

I'D LIKE to hear from any cat loving readers visiting Limassol, in Cyprus, (in particular the Amathus Beach area in and around The Poseidonia Hotel) or Benalmadena, on Spain's Costa del Sol, soon.

I have raised funds in the UK to help strays abroad in various countries and in Limassol have paid to have a large number of beach cats spayed/neutered, recently this year the cats at the Apollo Ruins.

I was distressed, however, on my recent visit that since March there are two litters of kittens on the beach by the Poseidonia Hotel and the small cat in the grounds of this hotel has lost an eye and is also expecting kittens.

I, hopefully, have the help of a local Cypriot to feed them with food I provided as rescue groups on this island are stretched to their limits, but any cat lovers visiting would be of enormous help in using funds to help feed these kittens during their stay and other young cats nearby who are fed only every third day.

SUZANNE THORPE, 35 Bucknall Avenue, Lincoln, LN6 0BL Tel: 01522 683704.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 28, 2003
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