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City Slickers : Boardroom Tales.

WE'VE taken some stick lately, but Slickers is still Britain's most influential and best informed City column. Just look at Middlesex Holdings. We said on Tuesday that it was worth a look before an announcement next week. Yesterday, the shares soared 15 per cent to 5.6p.

We also suggested you buy into Associated British Engineering, before an internet announcement next week. Yesterday, the shares raced up an incredible 110p to 505p.

And, last but not least, we told you that it wasn't too late to get shares in Psion, as these were heading to 5000p. Yesterday, they surged 888p to 5203p - beating our own expectations.

TALKING of tips, our old mate Jeff Randall hasn't missed the chance to put the boot in. In a recent interview, the editor of Sunday Business (which has fewer readers than the Sunday Sport) said his paper refused to give share tips as most journalists are useless at it.

His certainly are. Jeff forgets to mention that at the start of 1999, his paper boldly announced the top shares to follow. While Slicker readers were treated to a whopping 159 per cent return, Jeff's got a 4.4 per cent profit. The kind you'd get in a building society, after it's been burgled.

WHAT on earth is going on with Leeds Sporting, where the shares have slipped to18.5p. We'll be straight with you: the Slickers are Arsenal fans, and hope Leeds lose every game they play. But the price seems dirt cheap.

If you look at the recent deal with BSkyB, that values the shares at 30p. Not to mention the pounds 40m in the bank and most of the squad is home grown - so no big transfer fees.

And they are second in the Premiership.

Maybe worth a punt. Then again this share is defying all financial logic, so be cautious.

FINALLY, thanks to the 36,316 people who sent us Valentine cards - especially the 37 that were from females.
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Title Annotation:Business
Author:Bhoyrul, Anil; Hipwell, James
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 17, 2000
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