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City 12-year-olds who sleep all day and burgle at night; Evening Mail Reporter.

Byline: Mr. Bond.

SOME hardened young criminals used remand centres as bed-and-breakfast bases, sleeping by day and burgling property by night,. a Birmingham magistrate warned today.

This small group of hardened 12 - year - old delinquents," said Sir. Ernest Bond, a member of the city's juvenile bench, could only be deal with by locking them up in secure accommodation.

Mr. Bond said he sympathised with Mr. Michael Jarman and the staff at Tennal Centre, larborne, is not wantins to put children "behind bars."

"If the stall at Tennal or any other centre do not likelocking up these youngsters, then why not leave it to the Bench

"Secure accommodation is long overdue. When approved school orders were abandoned the effective powers of the juvenile couns were taken away and placed in the hands of social workers.

"We have reached a stage where some delinquents cock a shoot at the juvenile court.

They know there is nothing the magistrates can do.

Mr. Bond added: "There are some children who can not be dealt with except by shutting them up.

"These children will have committed anything between 40 and 100 burglaries, and abscond at Mil! using assessment centres as bed-and-breakfast. They sleep all day and burgle at night."

"It is no use trying to educate some of these dren Society needs protection, and the children need a Deterrent." he added.

Controversy over a Home Office instruction to provide up to Go "secure rooms" for buys and girls in the West Midlands followed a protest from staff at Tennal Assessment Centre that they did not want to see children lucked up" behind bars.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 25, 2007
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