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Health officials look for source of E. coli

Two young people are being treated for E. coli infection and an ill teen-ager will be interviewed about the source of his illness as public health officials try to determine whether other people may be infected.

The two youths both attended the Lane County Fair and both were in the animal barns. They may have contracted the infection if they failed to wash their hands and ate after petting an animal that carried the germs, said Dr. Sarah Hendrickson, the county health officer. Health nurses were trying to find the teen-ager to determine a possible source of his infection.

Health officials will issue a public advisory if they discover a source that may have exposed others, Hendrickson said Thursday, but there's currently no indication others may have been exposed.

E. coli bacteria are everywhere, including the intestines of humans and animals. Most strains are harmless, but some cause severe diarrhea and kidney problems. Most cases are mild and go unreported. Children are particularly susceptible, however. Treatment usually involves guarding against dehydration, Hendrickson said.

Foundation accounts at OSU being frozen

CORVALLIS - Portions of the endowment of the Oregon State University Foundation could be in jeopardy because of recent stock market volatility.

By law, if the market value of the endowment dips below the amount of the original donation, the foundation must freeze use of the gift until it regains its value. Most of the affected gifts were those donated within the last two years because their value has not had time to mature, said Dwayne Foley, the foundation's chief executive officer.

About 19 percent of the 1,170 accounts at the OSU Foundation are being frozen, totaling about $45 million. About 220 programs and departments could face serious cutbacks in their endowment earnings, ranging from the College of Science to the library.

The foundation has total assets of $373 million and an endowment of $238 million, Foley said.

The university's orchestra faces the biggest setback, because 33 percent of its budget comes from a $1.5 million gift made to the endowment two years ago. The money was earmarked to turn the Corvallis-OSU Symphony into a ``cultural flagship'' and expand its season.
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Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Aug 23, 2002
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