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City, County and Local Government Law Certification.

As chair of the committee, I thank the committee for their hard work and dedication. It is only through a truly collaborative effort that we have been able to prepare and refine the 2019 examination. In addition to preparing the examination, the committee's role is to review prospective candidates for first time certification, review applications for those seeking recertification, and grade the examination, which has been written to assess the competency of attorneys seeking to distinguish themselves as specialists in the field of city, county, and local government law.

I am privileged to serve on the committee with Katherine Latorre (vice chair), Donna Marie Collins, Dean DiRose, Anne Gibson, Henry Hunnefeld, Derek Rooney, Sara Taitt, and Kenneth Tinkler. They are all professionals working at the highest level within our field of specialization. In addition, a special thanks to Allison Armour, our staff liaison, who has done a magnificent job of keeping us on track in meeting our assignment objectives and goals.

It has been an honor to serve on this committee, and I urge attorneys who are thinking about becoming more involved to consider serving on a Florida Bar committee. It is a rewarding experience and provides an opportunity to interact with professionals who share your passion for a particular field of law.

Pamala H. Ryan, Chair

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Title Annotation:Annual Reports of Committees of the Florida Bar: 2018-2019
Author:Ryan, Pamala H.
Publication:Florida Bar Journal
Date:May 1, 2019
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