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Citizenship officials ban the Bible.

Saskatoon--Another example of bureaucrats trying to set up policy is the following. For the last fifty years, the Canadian Bible Society has been presenting copies of the New Testament to new Canadians free of charge. However, in a letter dated May 13, 2004, Michel C. Simard, Senior Citizenship Judge, and Patricia Birkett, Citizenship Registrar, notified the Society that this custom is to be terminated. The judge said that allowing the Bible of other holy books to be distributed at citizenship ceremonies detracts from the message of multiculturalism and could be construed as a tacit endorsement of certain religions (National Post, July 7/LifeSite, July 13/CBC, August 17, 2004).


The official's decree is ah explicit attack on Christianity, and a declaration that Canadians are now supposed to worship ah idol, multiculturalism. Reverend Phyllis Nesbitt, national director of the Bible Society, commented, "They say that this is about freedom of religion, but the government is actually curtailing freedom of religion." She noted that "this great nation of Canada was built on a strong religious foundation," and that to reject holy books at citizenship ceremonies reinforces secular, irreligious philosophies.

Simard's decree--and one may ask with what authority ?--is facilitated by the general attitude of the current Federal Liberal government. It is Christianity, not multiculturalism, that is the bedrock of Canada.
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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