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Cities Use Technology To Help Keep Residents Safe.

In the Internet Age, local governments are using a variety of new tools in the arena of public safety to fight crime.

Some cities are using sophisticated software to alert residents in emergency situations and others are using state-of-the-art equipment in crime fighting. Others are using computer technology to improve communications. Many police departments have Web sites and some of those allow citizens to leave anonymous tips for police.

Geographic information systems are an important part of many public safety technology initiatives--it is part of the software to alert residents by calling and other police departments are using it to enhance 911 systems or do "geographic profiling" to find criminals.

Further details of these and other examples of public safety technology can be found on page 14 as part of the "Solutions for Cities" from the NLC examples database.

Other examples include a video surveillance system on public transit, a specialized drug-busting training center for police officers, using database technology to track crime and a crime prevention resource line.
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Author:Liedtke, Cyndy
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
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Date:Apr 24, 2000
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