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Citibank wires intelligence into Hong Kong center.

Citibank Plaza, Hong Kong, the new home of Citibank regional headquarters, brings something special to the already spectacular Kowloon skyline. Here, where new office towers vie for the privilege of being the tallest or most grand, Citibank Plaza, developed by Great Eagle and Shine Hill Development, has the distinction of being the most intelligent building in Hong Kong.

The brain of Citibank Plaza, and that of any intelligent building, is its communications infrastructure which transports signals to sensor units integrated into the building's cabling system--its core information carrier--making it "aware" of the various environments and conditions that exist within its walls.

The Intelligent Building Institute in Washington, D.C., credited with the concept, defines intelligence as the ability to provide a productive and cost-effective environment through four basic elements: structure, systems services and management, and the interrelationship between them.

This ability is particularly important to Citibank and its prospective tenants who will require financial and banking information, on-line access to Reuters, other data services, digitized video links to local and international video communications, and an integrated local and satellite TV network for immediate access to international news, financial information, and TV programs.

Electronic intelligence will link individual offices--within and between floors. Great Eagle and Shine Hill Development contracted with AT&T Hong Kong Ltd. and Chevalier Data Systems Ltd. to install the building operating system--AT&T's Systimax premises distribution system (PDS), a modular, flexible network that connects data, voice, video to cost-effective building control and management.

Comprised of unshielded twisted pair cabling and fiber transport, it connects Citibank Plaza tenants' computer and communications systems and allows immediate access to other telecomm backbone networks. All data and telecomm services are prewired in the building structure and are readily available to tenants without costly rewiring, equipment and wire provisioning, or disruption of daily activity.

The riser systems are designed to allow every workstation instant access to the fiber-optic and/or copper networks for particular applications. Through this media and the distribution points, any tenant can easily connect to any floor or to outside communications facilities.

Each floor is served by six 62.5 micron multimode fibers and 300 copper pairs. For centralized administration, all of the circuits for the fiber and copper are on the main distribution frames (MDF), located on the 19th and 35th floors. Ninety percent of the flooring is access flooring, which allows cable and furniture to be easily and quickly installed or reconfigured.

Each tenant will have access to a combination of IBM, DEC, Hewlett-Packard, NCR and Wang devices, and a number of different local area networks (LANs)--fiber distributed data interface (FDDI), token ring and Ethernet--that will run over the PDS open architecture.

Citibank occupies floors 36 to 50 of the Citibank Tower. Its network supports FDDI, 10Base-T, Ethernet, EIA232, IBM 3270 and PBX applications. The PBX room is on the 35th floor and the computer room on the 40th floor.

A 100-pair copper riser cable, a six-fiber multimode, and a six-fiber singlemode cable are connected from each floor by the intermediate distribution frame to the computer center. These cables are solely for data applications.

The PBX, with a capacity of 1,700 telephone lines, uses the prewired riser service to make the connection to each workstation from the 36th to the 50th floors.

Any service can be accessed by simply plugging into the information outlet with the proper device and activating the port at the host.
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Publication:Communications News
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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