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Citibank opens new branch in San Francisco's Sunset District; grand opening festivities slated for June 16 and 17.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 1995--Citibank announces the opening of a new branch in San Francisco's Sunset District, special community recognition and a two-day grand opening celebration.

Citibank's new branch, at 21st and Irving Streets, is Citibank's ninth branch in San Francisco. The branch is designed to improve the banking experience of customers.

"Citibank's goal is to make banking easy for our customers," says Branch Manager Lelia Mozingo. "The new branch concept, which is reflected in the way we do business, was initially developed by Citibank's network in Chile in 1988. Since then Citibank branches in other countries have adopted the original concept and refined it further. The mandate was to create an ideal environment for banking, one that simplifies the customer's banking experience in every way."

The Citibank Sunset branch offers a full range of financial services including checking, savings, mortgages, investments, Citibank credit cards, loans and business banking. State-of-the-art Citibank Banking Centers (CBCs) give customers access to their money 24 hours a day, in addition to increased security and privacy in enclosed vestibules. The user-friendly color touch-screen CBCs are multilingual and multifunctional, allowing customers to transfer funds, make payments to Citibank credit cards, move money between accounts, receive a printed statement of account activity for the past 90 days, make deposits and withdraw up to $1,000 in cash daily.

To celebrate the branch's opening, Lelia Mozingo announced, "Citibank is pleased to contribute $10,000 for local community resources: $5,000 to the Career Resources Development Center (CRDC) and $5,000 to the Recreation Center for the Handicapped, Inc. (RCH)." The CRDC is a nationally recognized leader in vocational education, founded in Chinatown in 1966, and now serving thousands of immigrants, refugees, homeless individuals and unemployed residents in the Bay Area community. The RCH, also a vocational training center, is located in the Sunset and serves persons with disabilities.

Grand opening festivities begin on Friday, June 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with music and free balloons for the children. On Saturday, June 17 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., an array of activities are planned to complement the multicultural Sunset neighborhood, from Chinese lion dancers, jazz and marimba musicians, to free refreshments and balloons.

Citibank has 87 branches in 70 California communities, including nine branches in San Francisco. There are 440 Citibank branches located in seven states and the District of Columbia. Citibank, FSB is a subsidiary of Citicorp, a global financial services organization, with over $250 billion in assets. There are some 80,000 Citibankers serving comsumers and businesses in more than 90 countries around the globe.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 1, 1995
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