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Citadel of silence. (Caux 2002).

Mountain House, Caux, originally built as a luxury hotel, was hailed on its 100th anniversary as `a citadel of silence in the service of humanity', by the Mayor of Montreux (which includes Caux), Pierre Salvi.

The historic building opened its doors to over 600 people on 7 July, the centenary of its opening in 1902. The day concluded with a public roundtable conference `Learning from the past for the sake of the future', moderated by Swiss radio journalist Lison Meric.

One of those who spoke was New York sociology professor Egon Mayor, who was born in Caux in December 1944. His parents and grandparents were among 1,600 Jewish refugees who found shelter there during World War II.

Professor Bronislav Geremek, a former Foreign Minister of Poland, said, `We need a training against hate, an education of the young generations in the world to counter exclusion and hatred.' He is a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto.

Official guests included Anton Cottier, President of the Swiss Federal upper house, Francis Rossier, President of the Vaud Cantonal Parliament, and ambassadors and diplomats from Bern and Geneva.

Cottier told of a recent encounter in Nigeria, where a traditional leader had told him they were trying to apply the spirit of dialogue advocated at Caux. He praised `the spirit of Caux, which opposes hatred and violence in the world, generating a spirit of dialogue and cooperation'.

The Vaud authorities were proud of Caux, said Rossier, describing it as a place `where you can listen to the song of silence and hear your heart speak'.
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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