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Cirrus Logic's New Video Graphics Accelerator Offers Industry's Highest Performance With 100MHz SGRAM; Enables Video Applications On Desktop PCs, Including Internet Intranet.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 28, 1996--Cirrus Logic Inc. (NASDAQ: CRUS) today announced the industry's first 100 MHz SGRAM-based video/graphics chip, the CL-GD5480 64-Bit VisualMedia(TM) Accelerator.

With features specifically designed to raise the performance bar for video on a PC, the latest member of Cirrus Logic's Alpine(TM) family delivers 25 percent greater performance over current solutions (based on published Winmarks). According to Cirrus Logic, its latest entry is poised to power next-generation video applications such as Internet/Intranet display, video capture, videoconferencing, MPEG-2/DVD playback and those using Intel Intercast(TM) technology.

The new device also delivers advanced 2D graphics and video capability for high-volume desktop PCs with graphics Winbench96 performance of more than 40 million Winmarks(a) and frame buffer memory bandwidth of 800 MB/second.

"By combining the Alpine family heritage of high-quality video and high-performance graphics with an industry-leading 100MHz SGRAM frame buffer interface, the CL-GD5480 delivers new levels of performance and value to the high-volume market," said Robert V. Dickinson, president of Cirrus Logic's Graphics Company. "This accelerator also continues our strategy of providing a core graphics `building block' that allows customers to easily attach peripherals to implement a range of complete multimedia solutions."

"The use of video capture, TV windows, TV output and video teleconferencing are all contributing to the increasing need for video capabilities within the PC market," noted industry analyst Dean McCarron of Mercury Research. "We expect these features to become key elements of next-generation PC graphics systems."

Key to the new chip's ability to support multimedia applications is the V-Port, a video input port which is compliant with the industry standard VMI hardware specification. Cirrus Logic also supplies VPM (Video Port Manager), a standard software API which allows easy interfacing to common external video devices such as digital and analog cameras, analog video decoders and TV input devices. Together, these features make the new chip ideal for implementing video conferencing, MPEG-2 playback and networking display applications.

Video Compression and Conferencing

The CL-GD5480 directly supports video transmission to and from the host system in planar YUV420 format, the video format used in compression software. This feature offloads the CPU from doing this conversion in software, thus accelerating compression performance and enabling real-time video capture in higher resolutions and frame rates.

The new device also features a glueless digital camera interface, providing a ready-made videoconferencing solution with the only additional requirement being the camera itself. Any need for a separate video capture card is eliminated, and by including a video decoder (NTSC to digital) in the system, consumers can use their existing camcorders for a home videoconferencing application. Other features that optimize the chip for videoconferencing include high-quality video scaling (filtering and interpolation) on the V-Port input and dual hardware video windows (for local and remote camera views).

MPEG-2 (DVD) Optimized Playback

The new chip is capable of "de-interlacing" the interlaced frame format of MPEG-2 (DVD) video for display on a progressive scan (non-interlaced) monitor. The chip's de-interlacing features which include field capture, shift, and quality vertical interpolated zoom, make this conversion to a non-interlaced output visually smooth without introducing blocky lines or fuzzy edges.

Using the V-Port for the hardware decoded MPEG-2 input eliminates the need for a separate PCI bus connection. For software MPEG-2 decoding, the device supports the native MPEG-2 format of planar YUV420, reducing software conversion overhead by up to 25 percent.

Network Display Acceleration

The CL-GD5480 provides the performance and feature set that allows it to maximize the high-quality display of video/graphics transmitted over the Internet and Intranet, or other types of networks. The chip's high-performance PCI bus (bus mastering control with bursts greater than 100 MB/s), software CODEC support (planar YUV420 format) and high-bandwidth frame buffer interface (800 MB/s) enable it to quickly decode and move data received from the network over the PCI bus into display memory. The chip also supports networked video by interfacing with multiple peripherals through the high-bandwidth V-Port, and performing video processing and encoding functions before transmitting the captured video over the PCI bus to the network.

Pricing and Availability

Samples of the CL-GD5480 are available now with production planned for Q1 97. The price of the CL-GD5480 is $21 in quantities of 10,000.

Cirrus Logic, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of advanced integrated circuits for desktop and portable computing, telecommunications and consumer electronics markets. The Company applies its system-level expertise in analog and digital design to innovate highly integrated, software-rich solutions.

Additional information about Cirrus Logic and its subsidiaries can be accessed on the World Wide Web at or via fax-on-demand at 800/359-6414 (dial 510/249-4200 from outside the United States). -0-

(a): Graphics Winbench96 performance results quoted are for a system with a P5-166 microprocessor, 430FX core logic, 256K pipelined burst L2 cache, 16MB main memory, Windows 95 O/S, 2MB frame buffer, 100 MHz MCLK, 1024x768 resolution display, 8bpp color depth, 75 Hz monitor refresh rate.

CONTACT: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Erin Barrite, 510/226-2239


Tom Ramsey, 510/226-2386


Tsantes & Associates

Marlo Jones, 408/452-8700
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Date:Oct 28, 1996
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