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Circuit breaker analysers bridge the cost gap.

Megger says it has developed its TM1700 circuit breaker analysers to bridge the gap between low-cost instruments with limited functionality and the high-end analysers that offer flexibility but cost more.

The new TM1.700 shares the DualGround testing system with the high-end TM1800 series. This means that tests can be performed with both sides of the breaker grounded, increasing operator safety by eliminating the risk of high voltages being induced into the breaker under test.


TM1700 instruments incorporate active interference suppression for reliable and consistent results, including measurements of PIR values, even in noisy environments such as electricity substations. All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated.

The instruments come in four versions, and are available as standalone and PC-controlled units. Accessories include motion transducers, transducer mounting kits, and static dynamic resistance measurement (SDRM) kits.

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Title Annotation:Technology; Megger's TM1700 circuit breaker analysers
Publication:Environmental Engineering
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Date:Dec 1, 2012
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