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Circle of leaf.


Use freestanding heirloom applique leaves to create a perfect wreath to adorn any door this autumn.


+ 1/4 yard each of cream, tan, brown & light green synthetic organza

+ Fabric-like water-soluble stabilizer

+ 40-wt. rayon embroidery thread

+ 12"-diameter chipboard wreath (See "Source.")

+ 59" length of 1 1/2"-wide wired burlap ribbon

+ One spool (12') of 1 1/2"-wide burlap ribbon

+ Soldering iron or wood-burning tool

+ Hot glue gun

+ Fabric glue

+ Floral wire

+ Six heirloom applique leaf embroidery designs (approximately 3 1/2"x3 3/4"; see "Designs.")


* Load the applique leaf designs onto the embroidery machine.

* Select the first leaf design. Copy the design as many times as will fit your largest hoop size to a maximum of six leaves, leaving approximately 1/4" between each design.

* Hoop one layer of water-soluble stabilizer between two organza layers that match the leaf design color.

* Embroider the designs.

* Remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop. Use sharp, short-bladed scissors to trim away the excess stabilizer and organza close to the perimeter.

* Melt away the excess organza fibers along the design perimeter using a soldering iron.

* If needed, repeat to embroider more designs until you have a total of six leaves.

* Repeat to embroider each of the remaining five leaf designs, matching the organza color to the leaf color.

* Remove the stabilizer following the manufacturer's instructions. Place on a towel to dry.


* Wrap the chipboard wreath with burlap ribbon, slightly overlapping the edges. Secure the ribbon beginning and end with hot glue on the wreath wrong side.

* Apply fabric glue to one leaf stem wrong side, beginning from the stem lower edge and ending 1/2" above the leaf lower edge (A).


* Slide the leaf stem into one wreath burlap-ribbon edge with the right side up and the leaf tip pointing slightly toward the wreath inner edge (B).


* Repeat to apply glue to a different type of leaf. Slide the leaf steam Into the wreath at the burlap-ribbon edge below the first leaf with the leaf tip pointing slightly toward the wreath outer edge (C).


* Repeat to layer the remaining leaves Into the wreath ribbon, alternating leaf types as desired to fill the entire wreath.

* From the wired burlap ribbon, cut a 32" length for the bow base, 15" length for the bow layer, 9 1/2" for the hanger and 2 1/2" length for the bow tie.


Choose contrasting thread colors within the autumn color scheme to make the details on your leaves pop.


* Fold the bow base in half widthwise; pin-mark the center. Measure 4" to either side of the center; pin-mark. Fold the bow tails at the 4" mark, crossing over the ends at the center mark (D).


* Fold the bow layer to overlap the short ends 1"; pin. Designate as the bow-base wrong side. Position the bow layer right side up over the bow base, aligning the centerlines (E).


* Gather the bow centers with your fingers; secure with floral wire (F).


* Fold the bow tie in half lengthwise; finger-press. Wrap the bow tie around the bow center to cover the floral wire, overlapping the short ends on the bow wrong side. Secure with hot glue. Clip the hanging ends of the bow into a V shape or on the diagonal.

* Center the bow right side up over the wreath upper edge; secure with hot glue.

* Fold the hanger in half lengthwise; finger-press. Position the hanger on the wreath upper-edge wrong side, centering the hanger center behind the bow; secure the ends with hot glue.


Leaf appliques: Embroidery Library, Autumn Leaves (Heirloom Applique)--Small;


Hobby Lobby carries 12" Chipboard Icon Wreath;
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