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Ciphergen Acquires BioSepra from Invitrogen.

Carlsbad, CA and Fremont, CA 6/25/01--Ciphergen Biosystems has agreed to purchase BioSepra, S.A. from Invitrogen for approximately $12 million in cash. Paris-based BioSepra, S.A., which Invitrogen acquired when it bought Life Technologies (see IBO 7/15/00), manufactures and sells large-scale process chromatography products and had sales of around $5.9 million in 2000. Ciphergen estimates the large-scale process chromatography market at $240 million annually. With the purchase, Ciphergen plans to enter the "laboratory scale bio-separation market" through the sale of chromatography columns and media for high speed purification, disposable pre-fractionation kits for sample prep, gene to protein purification kits for tagged and non-tagged proteins, ProteinChip Systems utilizing its proprietary retentate chromatography-mass spectrometry technology for protein purification and analysis, and an expanded line of fluidized-bed process chromatography products. Ciphergen and Invitrogen also announced that they have signed a collaborative agreement to integrate their respective technologies to develop "`gene to protein' transcription, translation and protein capabilities at any scale" and "advanced `on-chip' molecular interaction and cellular assay platforms that enable functional genomics."

With this purchase, Ciphergen not only adds technology for its biochip product line but enters the process chromatography market as well. Both the expansion of its protein chip systems technology for the booming protein purification market and the partnership with Invitrogen should benefit the company. However, BioSepra's traditional marketplace is new territory for Ciphergen.
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Comment:Ciphergen Acquires BioSepra from Invitrogen.(Ciphergen Biosystems)
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Date:Jun 30, 2001
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