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Cintex Ltd.

Cintex will launch the industry's first ever metal detector with true variable-frequency capabilities at Foodex Meatex 2004.

The Sentry VF is destined to eliminate past restrictions caused by single frequency and 'limited frequency' detectors, opening doors to greater sensitivity for companies requiring multi-product inspection. Traditional single frequency metal detectors need internal adjustments when faced with a product that is materially different from others usually inspected on the line. Typically an engineer must be called to retune the metal detector frequency, which can take several hours and delay production.

In answer to this, some metal detector manufacturers have introduced systems with two or three 'switchable' frequencies, from which the user selects a compromise which best matches their product. Cintex has developed a unique digital frequency synthesis system that allows literally dozens of frequencies between 40Khz and 900Khz to be simply 'dialled in' from the control panel. This technique can allow a 'sweet spot' to be set that maximises metal sensitivity for the current product, providing a greater sensitivity and higher accuracy than ever achieved before.

Also on show will be the highly acclaimed Sentry XR. Launched earlier this year, this low cost, high capability x-ray machine has undergone recent developments to raise the specification and reinforce its position as the best value x-ray technology on the market. With its new 100mm aperture, this system is suitable for an even wider range of products at the same unbeatable price as before.

Contact Cintex Ltd on tel: 01908 629200 or email:

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Title Annotation:Foodex Meatex 2004
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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