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Cinpres has agreed to allow Volkswagen to use its gas assisted moulding technology.

Cinpres has agreed to allow Volkswagen to use its gas assisted moulding technology. The agreement will also see VW advising its suppliers that any components produced using Cinpres technology must be covered by the appropriate licences.

Gas assisted moulding essentially cores out the centre of thicker sections within the plastic component using gas, which according to Cinpress leads to faster and more even cooling, less distortion, a better surface finish and a shorter cycle time. Due to a lower clamp force being required, components can be manufactured using smaller machinery, which can represent a significant capital saving for injection moulding companies.

The latest generation of the technology--Plastic Expulsion Process (PEP)--is said to significantly enhance the cosmetic quality of thick section components such as grab handles (eliminating so-called 'hesitation marks'). VW is covered by PEP licences.

"All automotive manufacturers are seeking to reduce the weight in the primary structure of the car, and reducing the volume of solid plastic by having gas injected cavities is a major step in that direction," said Cinpres managing director Jon Butler.

The agreement covers VW's facilities in Wolfsburg, where the company makes internal trim components for cars. VW currently has approximately 10 Tier One suppliers of plastic components and several hundred others. Those continuing to supply components based on Cinpres technology will be required to secure the relevant licences.
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Date:May 1, 2007
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