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Cinematic showcase: Hot Springs Film Festival devoted to documentaries.

Documentaries are known for drawing attention, and sometimes even crowds.

Organizers of the Hot Springs Academy Awards Documentary Film Festival hope the inaugural event draws both.

To be held Oct. 2-3 in conjunction with the Hot Springs Festival of the Arts, the first-of-its-kind film festival will feature 10 documentaries -- five feature length and five short-subject length. Among them will be the most recent Academy Award winners in the feature and short-subject categories.

The films, some of them 16mm and some 35mm with Dolby sound, will be shown at the Central Theater and the Malco Theater in Hot Springs.

The festival, underwritten by the Bank of Hot Springs and budgeted at $22,000, will include seminars held before each film involving the makers of their respective movies, allowing audience members to interact with the film's principals. A question-and-answer period will follow each film as well.

Five movies will be shown each day, with the short subjects shown Friday and the feature-length films shown the next day. A continuous screening of all 10 films will be held starting at 1 p.m. Oct. 4, as a courtesy to local residents, although the filmmakers will not be in attendance.

Aiming At Students

The festival's organizers -- the Southern Film Alliance and a group of Hot Springs residents -- hope to draw cinema students from the surrounding five-state area as well as perhaps induce the filmmakers attending the event to film future productions in the area.

Now in its third year, the Hot Springs Festival of the Arts will be held Sept. 30-Oct. 4 and is organized and administered by the Hot Springs Arts Center and the Arts Community of Hot Springs.

The films scheduled for the festival are:

* "In The Shadow Of The Stars," the 1991 feature-length Academy Award-winning documentary, which goes behind the scenes at the San Francisco Opera and deals with the hopes and dreams of the opera's stars;

* "Deadly Deception," the 1991 short-subject Academy Award winner, which centers around General Electric Co.'s involvement in testing and producing bombs;

* "The Restless Conscience," an Oscar nominee focusing on the activities of the anti-Nazi Resistance in Germany from 1933-1944;

* "Wild By Law," also nominated for an Oscar, which looks at the struggle to pass a law guarding the last remnants of U.S. wildlife;

* "Death On The Job," a film on companies sending their employees into dangerous situations;

* "Doing Time: Life Inside The Big House," which explores Mafia bosses, Colombian drug kingpins and other criminals inside a maximum security prison in Lewisburg, Pa.;

* "A Little Vicious," a story of a controversy in Connecticut over a dog named Bandit;

* "The Mark Of The Maker," which deals with the production of handmade paper and why people are compelled to create things by hand;

* "Memorial," a tale of the emotions of men at war;

* "Birdnesters Of Thailand," about workers who climb bamboo structures in caves in Thailand to retrieve the "white gold" used to produce bird's nest soup, a Chinese delicacy.
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Title Annotation:Hot Springs Academy Awards Documentary Film Festival; Hot Springs, Arkansas
Author:Taylor, TIm
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Aug 31, 1992
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