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Cinematic map of Ontario.

Sharon Acker, actor, Toronto, 1935; Mari Aldon, actor, Toronto, 1927; Jay Allen, exhibitor, Brantford (born in USA), 1890-1942; Jules Allen, exhibitor, Brantford (born in USA), 1888-194?; Louis Applebaum, composer, Toronto, 1918-2000; Dan Aykroyd, actor and writer, Ottawa, 1952; Frank Badgley, administrator and director, Ottawa, 1895-1955; David Bairstow, producer and director, Toronto, 1921; Robert Beatty, actor, Hamilton, 1909-92; Brigitte Berman, director, Toronto (born in Germany), 1951; Jane Marsh Beveridge, producer, director and editor, Ottawa 1915; Julian Biggs, Port Perry, 1920-72; Hart Bochner, actor and director, Toronto, 1956; Lloyd Bochner, actor, Toronto (born in UK), 1924; Bobby Breen, actor, Toronto, 1927; Donald Brittain, director and writer, Ottawa, 1928-89; Jack Burroughs, actor, Toronto 1924; Rudy Buttignol, producer, Toronto (born in Italy), 1951; James Cameron, producer, director and writer, Kapuskasing, 1954, Neve Campbell, actor, Guelph, 1964; Nicholas Campbell, actor and director, Toronto, 1952; John Candy, actor, Toronto, 1950-94; Jim Carrey, actor, Jackson's Point, 1962; Peter Carter, director, Toronto (born in UK), 1933-82; Jack Chambers, filmmaker, London, 1931-78; Christopher Chapman, director, cinematographer and editor, Toronto, 1927; Maury Chaykin, actor, Toronto (born in USA), 1950; Albert Christie, producer, director and writer, London, 1886-1951; Berton Churchill, actor, Toronto, 1876-1940; Jerry Ciccoritti, director, Toronto, 1956; Susan Clark, actor, Sarnia, 1940; Wayne Clarkson, administrator, Toronto (born in Nova Scotia), 1948; Janice Cole, producer and director, Chatham, 1954; John Colicos, actor, Toronto, 1928-2000; Budge Crawley, producer and director, Ottawa, 1911-87; Judith Crawley, writer, cinematographer and editor, Ottawa, 1914-86; Wendy Crewson, actor, Hamilton, 1956; David Cronenberg, producer, director and writer, Toronto, 1943; Hume Cronyn, actor, London, 1911; Henry Czerny, actor, Toronto, 1959; Cynthia Dale, actor, Toronto, 1961; Holly Dale, director and producer, Toronto, 1953; Jennifer Dale, actor, Toronto, 1955; Tom Daly, producer and editor, Toronto, 1918; Lolita Davidovich, actor, Toronto, 1961; William Davidson, producer and director, Toronto, 1928; Garth Drabinsky, producer, Toronto, 1948, Marie Dressler, actor, Cobourg, 1869-1934; Douglas Dumbrille, actor, Hamilton, 1890-1974; George Dunning, animator, Toronto, 1920-79; Allan Dwan, producer, director and writer, Toronto, 1895-1981; Harry J. Edwards, director, London, 1888-1952; Atom Egoyan, producer, director and writer, Toronto (born in Egypt), 1960; Bruce Elder, filmmaker, Hawkesbury, 1947; Graeme Ferguson, producer, director and cinematographer, Toronto, 1929; Niv Fichman, producer, Toronto (born in Israel), 1958; Henri Fiks, cinematographer, Toronto (born in France), 1938; Camelia Frieberg, producer, Toronto, 1959; Bryant Fryer, animator, Galt, 1897-1963; Sidney J. Furie, director, Toronto, 1933; Victor Garber, actor, London, 1949; Sidney Goldsmith, animator, Toronto, 1922; Harold Greenberg, producer, Toronto, 1930-96; Graham Greene, actor, Six Nations Reserve, 1952, Lorne Greene, actor, Ottawa, 1915-87; John Greyson, director and writer, London, 1960; Sturla Gunnarsson, director, Toronto (born in Iceland), 1951; Don Haig, producer and editor, Toronto (born in Manitoba), 1933; Harvey Hart, director, Toronto, 1928-89; Phil Hartman, actor, Brantford, 1949-98; Martha Henry, actor, Stratford (born in USA), 1938; Michael Hirsh, producer, Toronto (born in Belgium), 1946; Phil Hoffman, filmmaker, Kitchener, 1955; Andrew Holland, exhibitor, Nepean, 1844-1929; George Holland, exhibitor Nepean, 1846-19??; Mike Hoolboom, filmmaker, Toronto, 1959; Walter Huston, actor, Toronto, 1884-1950; William Hutt, actor, Toronto, 1920; Joan Hutton, cinematographer, Toronto, 1947; Tony Ianzelo, cinematographer and director, Toronto, 1935; Michael Ironside, actor, Toronto, 1950; Mark Irwin, cinematographer, Toronto, 1950; May Irwin, actor, Whitby, 1862-1938; Lou Jacobi, actor, Toronto, 1913; Simcha Jacobovici, producer and director, Toronto (born in Israel 1953; Christina Jennings, producer, Toronto (born in UK), 1951; Norman Jewison, producer and director, Toronto, 1926; Allan King, producer and director, Toronto, 1926; (born in British Columbia), 1930; Alexander Knox, actor, Strathroy, 1907-95; Ted Kotcheff, director, Toronto, 1931; Evelyn Lambert, animator, Ottawa, 1914-99; Robert Lantos, producer, Toronto (born in Hungary), 1949; Florence Lawrence, actor, 1886-1938; Douglas Leiterman, producer, South Porcupine, 1927; Richard Leiterman, cinematographer, South Porcupine, 1935; Eugene Levy, actor and writer, Hamilton, 1946; Beatrice Lillie, actor, Toronto, 1894-1989; Cec Linder, actor Timmins (born in Poland), 1921-92; Gene Lockhart, actor, London, 1891-1957; Brenda Longfellow, producer, director and writer, Copper Cliff, 1954, Patrick Loubert, producer, Toronto, 1947; Jim MacKay, animator, Beaverton, 1917; Larry Mann, actor, Toronto, 1922; Ron Mann, director and producer, Toronto, 1959; Raymond Massey, actor, Toronto, 1896-1983; Lois Maxwell, actor, Kitchener, 1927; Sheila McCarthy, actor, Stratford, 1956; Bruce McDonald, director and editor, Toronto, 1954; Don McKellar, actor, writer and director, Toronto, 1963; Mark McKinney, actor, Ottawa, 1959; Deepa Mehta, director, Toronto (born in India), 1949; Peter Mettler, director, cinematographer and editor, Toronto, 1958; Lorne Michaels, producer, Toronto, 1945; Rick Moranis, actor, Toronto, 1954; Mike Myers, actor and producer, Toronto, 1964; Kate Nelligan, actor, London, 1951; Sydney Newman, director and administrator, Toronto, 1917-97; Peter O'Brian, producer, Toronto, 1947; Catherine O'Hara, actor, Toronto, 1954; Sidney Olcott, director, Toronto, 1873-1949; Don Owen, director, Toronto, 1935; Cecilia Parker, actor, Fort William, 1905-93; Peter Pearson, director and writer, Toronto, 1938; David Perlmutter, producer, Toronto, 1934; Matthew Perry, actor, Ottawa (born in USA), 1969; Jack Pickford, actor, Toronto 1896-1933; Lottie Pickford, actor, Toronto, 1900-36; Mary Pickford, actor and producer, Toronto, 1893-1979; Sarah Polley, actor, Toronto, 1979; Gerald Pratley, archivist, Toronto (born in UK), 1923; Marie Prevost, actor, Sarnia, 1898-1937; Alexander Raffe, producer, Toronto (bon in UK), 1956; Harry Rasky, director, Toronto, 1928; Peter Raymont, producer and director, Ottawa, 1950; Keanu Reeves, actor, Toronto (born in Lebanon), 1965; Kate Reid, actor, Oakville (born in UK), 1930-93; Ivan Reitman,

producer and director, Hamilton (born in Czechoslovakia), 1950; James Rennie, actor, Toronto (1965); John Robertson, director, London, 1878-1964; Patricia Rozema, producer, director and writer, Toronto, 1958; Saul Rubinek, actor, Toronto (born in Germany), 1948; Craig Russell, actor, Toronto, 1948-90; Vic Sarin, cinematographer and director, Toronto (born in India), 1941; Paul Sarossy, cinematographer, Barrie, 1963; Helen Shaver, actor, St. Thomas, 1951; Don Shebib, director, Toronto, 1938; Nik Sheehan, director, Ottawa (born in UK), 1960; Ernest Shipman, producer, Ottawa, 1871-1931; Martin Short, actor, Hamilton, 1950; Lois Siegel, director, Orleans (born in USA), 1946; Jay Silverheels, actor, Six Nations Reserve, 1919-80; Clive Smith, producer, director and animator, Toronto (born in UK), 1944; Michael Snow, filmmaker, Toronto, 1929; Ned Sparks, actor, Guelph, 1883-1957; Gordon Sparling, producer, director and editor, Toronto, 1900-94; John Spotton, producer, director, cinematographer and editor, Toronto, 1927-91; Sylvia Spring, director, Galt, 1942; Robin Spry, producer, director and writer, Toronto, 1939; Paul Stephens, producer, Toronto, 1946; Nat Taylor, exhibitor and producer Toronto 1906: Dave Thomas, actor and writer, St. Catharines, 1949; Ralph Thomas, producer, director and writer, Toronto (born in Brazil), 1939; R.H. Thomson, actor, Toronto, 1947; Eric Till, director, Toronto (born in UK), 1929; John Trent, producer, director and writer, Toronto (born in UK), 1935-83; Robert Verrall, producer and animator, 1928; John Walker, cinematographer and director, Toronto (born in Quebec), 1952; Al Waxman, actor and director, Toronto, 1935; John Weldon, animator, Belleville, 1945; Joyce Wieland, filmmaker, Toronto 1931-98; Richard Williams, animator, Toronto, 1933; Steve Williams, animator, Toronto, 1962; Peter Wintonick, director and editor, Trenton, 1953; Wyndham Wise, publisher, Toronto (born in UK), 1947.
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Author:Townend, Paul
Publication:Take One
Date:Jun 22, 2000
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