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CineForm's breakthough product, aspect HD now shipping for Adobe Premiere 6.5.

CINEFORM, INC. has announced that Aspect HD for Adobe Premiere 6.5, their software-based real-time high-definition video engine, is now shipping to customers. Aspect HD provides real-time editing of high-definition content on today's fast PCs. A version of Aspect HD for Adobe Premiere Pro will begin shipping Q4, 2003. Purchasers of Aspect HD for Adobe Premiere 6.5 will be upgraded free of charge.

Both versions were demonstrated at WEVA Expo recently in Las Vegas. At NAB 2003, Aspect HD won three different "Best of Show" awards for its innovative and cost-effective solution to the problem of editing high- definition video in real time.

Aspect HD, when combined with Adobe Premiere on today's Intel Pentium 4 PCs is the first and only way to edit high-definition video in real time at a price that is within reach for today's professional videographers.

CineForm's solution enables wide adoption of HD in the professional videography, corporate and independent film and television markets by providing a real-time, multi-stream editing solution which is an effective companion to JVC's GR-HD1 and JY-HD10U cameras, as well as to the emerging class of HDV camcorders.

"Although the JVC JY-HD10U ships with a basic video editing package, we recommend a more fully-featured application for our professional customers," said Tim Tokita, Product Manager for the JY-HD10U. "Aspect HD enables our customers to edit HD content within Adobe Premiere while maintaining quality throughout the process. In fact, much of JVC's own promotional material was edited using Aspect HD in Adobe Premiere. Aspect HD maintains the camcorder's high quality throughout the editing process, and the performance is unbelievable."

"We recently used Aspect HD together with the JVC JY-HD10U to shoot footage for the Venus Fantasy Photo Shoot promotional material," said Troy Genzer, President of NewDef Media. "The quality of the video was fabulous, and editing in real time made the whole process simple and fast. Aspect's ability to handle multiple HD streams allows us to really maximize our production efficiencies. Watch for our finished production on the HD networks in the near future!"

"For shooting corporate events and weddings, we love the quality of the JVC camera," said Randy Russell, CEO, Crystal River Productions. "But the icing on the cake is CineForm's Aspect HD. Aspect HD allows us to produce high-quality HD productions in no time, at an unbelievably low cost. We love it, and our customers are blown away by the results!"

The key to Aspect HD's unmatched editing performance is CineForm's innovative patent-pending technologies including a proprietary and symmetric, yet visually lossless video codec and video effects engine. Using a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 PC with HT (Hyper-Thread) technology and a simple RAID 0 configuration, up to four HD streams plus transitions, effects, and motion are possible, all simultaneously, all in real time, and without the need for any specialized hardware! After editing, HD video is easily exported to a wide variety of HD, SD and web distribution formats.

Aspect HD for Adobe Premiere 6.5 is available for immediate delivery directly from CineForm for $1200, not including a copy of Premiere. Pricing, packaging, and availability for Aspect HD for Adobe Premiere Pro has not yet been announced, but CineForm will offer a free upgrade for purchasers of Aspect HD for Adobe Premiere 6.5.
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Comment:CineForm's breakthough product, aspect HD now shipping for Adobe Premiere 6.5.
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Date:Sep 15, 2003
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