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Cinderella's surprise inspires confidence in child battling cancer.

A 5-year-old Staten Island, New York girl who has been battling leukemia since January 2013 was given the feel-good surprise of a lifetime recently. Uncomfortable with her appearance after treatments for her cancer caused her to begin losing her hair, Isabella Harvey was embarrassed to be photographed and show her head.

"When her hair fell out the first time she was 3 so she really didn't understand. But now she is 5 and haying a hard time dealing with it," Isabella's mother Pina wrote to The Hifffington Post.

Isabella was told she would be participating in a family photo shoot, which made her nervous because of her different appearance. Pina told the paper that her daughter was hesitant to have her picture taken, before she knew that the experience would be something extra special.

Pina had been in contact with Gianna Nicole's Heart of Hope, a nonprofit foundation that helps spread joy and positivity to families facing struggles like Isabella's. With the help of the organization and a local princess party company, Pina had set up a meet-and-greet and photo shoot for Isabella and Cinderella. The princess who arrived on the photo shoot set was bald, just like Isabella.

The model had worn a bald cap with her ballroom gown so that Isabella could look up to an example of beauty that looked like her and feel more secure and confident in her appearance.

"It was such an amazing feeling seeing her so happy," Pina told HuffPost after the experience. "She looks just like me!" Isabella announced excitedly, photographer Alana Hubbard (of Mother Hubbard Photography) told the paper.

Pina added that the experience worked to reinforce her daily encouragement to her daughter: "That she is beautiful."

Source:, 12/11/14

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Date:Jan 1, 2015
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