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CinTel's Chinese Subsidiary, Phoenix Semiconductor and Telecommunication (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (PSTS), Signs Contract with Samsung Electronic LCD (Suzhou) Co. to Provide LCD TV Source.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- CinTel Corp. (CinTel) (OTCBB: CNCN), Korea's top Internet traffic management (ITM) solution provider, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Phoenix Semiconductor and Telecommunication (Suzhou) Co., Ltd ("PSTS") entered into a contract with Samsung Electronics LCD (Suzhou) (SELS) in November 2006 to provide LCD TV sources. Prior to this contract, PSTS supplied the LCD TV source indirectly through a 3rd party and will now be a direct vendor to Samsung. PSTS expects to see stable orders and growing sales through this new contract. Minimum order requirements under this contract are 1.2 million units annually and mass production has begun as of November 2006. PSTS expects this will contribute to significant sales starting from the first quarter of 2007, and anticipates the contract to result in at least an additional $8M in annual sales.

Products provided under this contract are sources Printed Board Assemblies (PBA) for 17 and 19 inch LCD monitors which are the most widely produced models of Samsung LCD Monitors, and are the main products of SELS. SELS is working to reach production targets in December '06, while sales increased by more than 20% as compared to October, when the product line was still at Samsung Electronics Corporation in Cheon An. PSTS expects to produce more than 2,000,000 products per year in 2007 by increasing the current production capacity, and adding new production models.

Joo Ho Choi, the manager of PSTS, said "We are pleased to secure stable and growing production through this contract. The contract with SELS is a milestone for PSTS and demonstrates our entry into the EMS [Electronic Manufacturing Service] company sector."

Sang-Don Kim, the CEO and President of CinTel said, "PSTS's contract with SELS is quite meaningful to PSTS and CinTel, because SELS represents a world-class customer and sales growth is expected to be explosive. According to our accounting team PSTS's sales in 2006 and the first quarter of 2007 are expected to increase some 430% compared to sales in 2005, when production first commenced, and 2006 will mark a significant inflection point in the corporate lifecycle of PSTS. CinTel is growing into a "Total Solution Enterprise" in the semiconductor sector by continuing investment and consolidating various parts of the industry."

About Phoenix Semiconductor and Telecommunication Suzhou (PSTS) (

Phoenix Semiconductor and Telecom became a majority-owned subsidiary of CinTel Corp. on October 2006. It was founded by STS Semiconductor and Telecommunication in China in 2004 by acquiring certain parts of the packaging production lines from Samsung Electronics Corporation's China plant (SESS). It began mass production in 2005, and its main customer is Samsung Electronics Corporation, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. PSTS's main products are semiconductor packaging, NAND flash memory and LCD assembly.


SELS (SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS SUZHOU LCD CO.,LTD) was a TFT-LCD module specialized assembling company, founded on September 18, 2002 in Suzhou complex with initial investment of three million dollars. It currently produces monitors and laptop TFT-LCD module for 12.1, 14.1, 17 and 19 inches. Its production capacity is 2,000,000 per year, and it started to produce the new 32 inches TFT-LCD TV module in July 2006.

About CinTel Corp.: (

While CinTel maintains its position as a leader in Internet Traffic Management (ITM) systems it has also begun expansion into creative new markets and worldwide distribution of Korean based technologies. With its main headquarters in North America, CinTel Corp. provides a range of enterprise technology solutions. Founded in 1997, CinTel introduced Korea's first dynamic server load balancer, which has now evolved into a world-class product line. With its ever expanding solutions with key partners and internal development has created a conglomerate of technology products to include NAND flash memory and LCD assembly, semiconductor packaging and testing specialists, as well as, a total solution provider for memory application for home appliances, semiconductor, TFT-LCD application products. CinTel's award-winning ITM solutions are marketed to customers worldwide, enabling customers to improve Internet and network traffic management, service levels, secure content, user experience, and reduce server loads and bandwidth demands. For additional information, please visit CinTel Corp's website.

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Date:Dec 5, 2006
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