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Cilla Black was Blind Date bitch; She took sides claims Debbie.

Blind Date hostess Cilla Black was last night branded a "bitch" by a pretty contestant.

Blonde Debbie Kavanagh also claimed that Cilla's crew fiddled expenses and spent most of the time boozing.

Debbie, watched by millions of Blind Date viewers in the past two weeks, said:

"Cilla wants to make herself look good but she's a bitch really.

"She comes across as nice and homely but during filming she keeps on making her little bitchy comments."

On the show tele-sales girl Debbie, 20, won a romantic break in the Alps with her smooth- talking blind date, Ted.

But she says it all went wrong when her appearance was edited to make her look bad.

Debbie, from Bournemouth, Dorset, said: "I was embarrassed because they made me look a right miserable cow.

"All the nice things I said about Ted were edited out and they left the nasty bits in.

"Cilla sided with Ted. She thought he was great and couldn't understand why I didn't like him.

"She made various digs at me like, `Who do you want, Superman?'

"But I was determined not to let her get to me.

"Cilla made me feel really bad but I couldn't start mouthing back at her so I just laughed it off.

"It made me look a right cow, but anyone who knows me has said I am nothing like the way Blind Date made me look."

Debbie also blasted the film crew, claiming: "On the date there were about eight people going, including the film crew, and they all took advantage of the expenses.

"When we got back we all signed blank receipts to cover all the things we had put on the slate.

"The film crew must have the best job around. They spent about one hour a day filming and spent the rest of the time skiing, drinking and going out for meals.

"But we didn't really get five minutes to ourselves during the date because you have to do what they tell you."

Debbie added ruefully: "I made a fool of myself on national television but it was an experience."

Last night LWT defended Cilla's "well-deserved reputation for natural friendliness".

And they added: "Debbie did not enter into the spirit of the date."
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Author:Hughes, Chris
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 6, 1996
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