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Cilice ass is Viz Da Vinci codder.


SHADOWY Catholic group Opus Dei are reaching a new SINFUL audience - thanks to the x-rated comic Viz.

A new character called Opus Dave has joined The Fat Slags, Sid the Sexist and Johnny Fartpants in the latest issue of the cult comic.

The adult comic-strip sees pain-loving monk Dave praise God for "being alive" - by brutally torturing himself. Some Opus Dei members wear a spiked garter on their leg to try and get closer to God.

But when Opus Dave's metal garter gets ruined in the wash - he has to find new ways of sharing "Christ's blessed pain".

He said: "I can't be properly reminded of our Lord's redemptive suffering without something sharp lacerating my upper leg."

Members of the group objected to the DaVinci Code film because it showed an Opus Dei monk on a killing spree.

But Irish Opus Dei spokesman Michael Kirke said they were not offended by the comic-strip.

He said: "I would be confident there is only a very small amount of Viz readers who are also members of Opus Dei.

"So we wouldn't have any problem with the comicstrip.

"Everyone knows what Viz is all about - they don't take themselves seriously so why should we?"

Mr Kirke claimed Opus Dei has not been damaged by the controversy surrounding the DaVinci Code.

He said: "I was talking to one of our members today who became interested in Opus Dei after seeing a less than complimentary programme on TV.

"The reality is Viz readers are getting to hear about Opus Dei - and that is good news."
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 2, 2006
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