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Cikarang Dry Port Introduces Integrated Port at CeMAT Southeast Asia.

Cikarang Dry Port (CDP) displayed its modern integrated post concept at the CeMat Southeast Asia 2018 held on May 2-6, 2018 at the ICE BSD, South Tangerang. The exhibition is organized by Debindo in cooperation with Deutsche Messe, the world's largest logistics company from Germany.

CDP's General Manager of Commercial Imam Wahyudi said the CDP's participation aimed to introduce its integrated port development. 'Our goal is to provide solutions to the users, especially those located in the eastern corridor. However, we do not close the door for those in the west like Tangerang here. The number of users of our services from Tangerang continues to increase. Through this event, more people will know and share what CDP is all about,' he said on Wednesday (5/2).

The CDP booth in the exhibition provided door prizes of 3 Jakarta-Denpasar Sriwijaya Air round tickets and 2 vouchers to stay at Tanjung Lesung drawn during the event.

Sales Manager of Sriwijaya Air Jakarta Area Geraldo Purba said Sriwijaya sponsored the event to promote further the brand of Sriwijaya Air. 'So, besides branding, we also want to be known better. We want public to know that Sriwijaya also has interesting promos, not less than its competitors. Here, we also offer the Travel Pass, our new program. The passengers only pay Rp12 million and they can fly as many as they want in one year, no limit,' he said.

'We chose to cooperate with CDP, because it has many clients. Also, maybe we will get into the cargo businesses in our flights later,' he added.

Managing Director of PT Banten West Java (BWJ), as the managing company of KEK Tanjung Lesung, Rully Lasahido said, 'We as 1 of 10 new Bali want to invite people to visit the CDP booth at the CeMAT Southeast Asia to feel a vacation on the beach with a view of Mount Krakatau and get to know the Banten original cultures of Rampak Bedug dance, batik and its culinary.'

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Publication:The President Post (Jakarta, Indonesia)
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Date:May 31, 2018
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