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Cigarette taxes and birth outcomes.

The Question: Does increasing the tax on cigarettes result in healthier newborns?

The Study: In this study a computer analysis of birth records from 2000 to 2010, the birth weight of nearly 16.2 million newborns was determined. They compared the weights with the cigarette tax in the state.

The Results: The results showed that the higher the cigarette tax, the higher the average infant birth weight. This relationship was most prominent among lower-income and lower-education level mothers. For every dollar increase in tobacco tax, the average birth weight increased by 2.4%. Researchers found no evidence that banning smoking in restaurants had any effect on birth weights.

Comment: The result is not really surprising. The more expensive cigarettes are, the fewer lower-income people can afford. And the fewer cigarettes pregnant women smoke, the healthier their babies

Read More: JAMA Pediatrics, 11/14

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