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Cidco caller ID call waiting unit.

LAS VEGAS - Myriad new products were on display from Caller ID company Cidco Inc. at WCES, including a two-line Caller ID unit and a Caller ID/ Call Waiting unit.

Four products were introduced from Cidco, a leader in the Caller ID industry. The new two-line unit, model SA-100-27, provides users with Caller ID capability for two phone lines in one product, and is expected to appeal to SOHO workers as well as busy families.

Model SA-100-27, which has a suggested retail price of $89.95, offers a four-line OTV, or one-time viewing, screen. After the first ring, the unit displays caller name (where service is available), number, date, time of call, call sequence number and which line the call came in on. All calls are logged consecutively in the unit's 100-call memory.

The unit also features the Trilight Alert signaling system, which flashes to alert users to blocked calls while the phone is ringing, and new calls since the unit was last reviewed. For users who subscribe to voice mail service, Trilight flashes when a new message comes in.

The product is bilingual, and can display information in English and Spanish. It comes with two 6-foot modular line cords with RJ-14 connectors.

All Cidco products are sold through electronic specialty stores, department stores, mass merchandisers, chain drug stores, office supply outlets and warehouse clubs.

The 99CWi Caller ID/Call Waiting adjunct unit will allow users, where available from the telephone company, to see who is calling even when they are on another line.

Call Waiting and Caller ID are two of the most popular enhanced telephone network services and more than one-third of U.S. households subscribe to Call Waiting. Call Waiting, according to chairman Bob Diamond, is now available in 49 states and Washington, D.C. and is experiencing annual growth in excess of 50 percent.

When a call comes through while the user is already on the phone, and he or she subscribes to Call Waiting, the second caller's name and number will be displayed on the LCD. The unit will also store the second caller's information for future reference.

The product features 99 name and number capability, three-line OTV screen, and Trilight alert. Model 99CWi has a suggested retail price of $99.95.

The new CT-25R Caller ID Feature Telephone with name and number capability has a three-line OTV and storage for up to 25 name and number calls. The phone has a 10-key 20-number speed dial; a flash key to access Call Waiting and Three-Way Calling, redial key, and a dial key to do any number that appears on the screen. The unit also has a Twinlight flashing indicator to alert users to new calls and blocked calls.

The phone is hearing-aid compatible and displays information in English and Spanish. Suggested retail price is $139.95.

Cidco's fourth new product is the SA-99-22 Caller ID adjunct unit with backlit display as well as the other features common to Cidco units. Suggested retail price is $89.95.
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Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Jan 15, 1996
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