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Across the years: These five practices help foster meaningful connections across generational lines. Coda, Teresa Aug 1, 2020 1000
Small but mighty: Rural parishioners expect--and deserve--the best. An expert on rural ministry offers four tips on how to proclaim the gospel in the heartland. Evans, Bernard Aug 1, 2020 692
Q&A with Sr. Rosemarie Gonzalez: Sheltering those recovering from addiction. Salgado, Soli Interview May 29, 2020 1296
Catholics step in as food insecurity skyrockets. Vodvarka, Sophie May 29, 2020 1201
Aftershocks and anxiety: Puerto Ricans distrust homes after devastating earthquake. Salgado, Soli May 29, 2020 1553
Health cost sharing ministries leave many out in the cold, critics say. Salvadore, Sarah May 29, 2020 2714
When Fran saw us, she saw only God. Schenk, Christine Dec 13, 2019 1212
Women minister to indigenous. Oct 18, 2019 159
Stopping to smell the flowers in East Africa. Healey, Joseph G. Sep 20, 2019 888
Catholic's deafness no obstacle to practicing a corporal work of mercy. Neville, Jennifer Interview May 17, 2019 982
TEACHING TOWARD THE PRACTICE OF MINISTRY TODAY. Scharen, Christian Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2019 3834
Flood-ravaged farmlands. Brief article Jan 11, 2019 180
Young Colombians work to prevent peers from a life of violence, crime. Fraser, Barbara J. Sep 21, 2018 1055
Communion access in Amazon. Brief article Jun 29, 2018 130
After shooting, support offered. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 181
Church aids amid eruption. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 124
Mexico's new pastoral plan. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 117
Pastoral Migratoria trains immigrant leaders: Program aims to ensure US church welcomes 'reinforcements from the south'. Benevento, Maria Jun 1, 2018 1176
Chicago ministry creates space for reconciliation. Stockman, Dan Jun 1, 2018 1141
New parish-based program offers care to caregivers. Dearie, James Jun 1, 2018 1071
Deepening the ministerial calling: New grant initiative supports programs to reinvigorate work and faith of pastoral leaders. Roewe, Brian Jun 1, 2018 1330
Young adult ministry leaders discuss 'unique moment'. Sankowski, Kelly Jun 1, 2018 808
Where do women stand? Kemme, Tracy Column Jun 1, 2018 1286
Grace, human nature and my three homes. Smith, Tom Column Jun 1, 2018 861
Care for those in need, don't worry about 'credit'. Redmond, Mark Column May 4, 2018 852
In Peru's Madre de Dios region, church helps indigenous survive. Apr 6, 2018 808
Norm's legacy inspires community action. Tammeus, Bill Column Apr 6, 2018 757
Lent requires us to embrace missing pieces. Gibson, Colleen Column Mar 9, 2018 1206
Justice and peace directors work for transformation. Benevento, Maria Interview Feb 9, 2018 1120
New video series supports youth leaders who 'accompany' teens. Greear, Priscilla Jan 26, 2018 392
My challenges in carrying Communion to sick, isolated. Maruthanakuzhy, Lissy Column Dec 15, 2017 1434
Islands of the Pacific are precarious but full of faith. Meyer, Joyce Dec 1, 2017 1746
Metaphors for the future. Gildea, Janet Column Dec 1, 2017 1102
General comments. Ludtke, Jennifer; Webster, Liz; Genest, Karen; Coster, P.; Kidd, Romano; Chris; Reder, Barbara Brief article Oct 1, 2017 302
Was I lost and now am found? Who came looking for me? Lachapelle, Carol Column Aug 25, 2017 889
US priests' association challenged to 'redeem the soul'. Gramick, Jeannine Jul 14, 2017 389
Convocation delegates sent home to imitate Jesus in reaching the margins. Sadowski, Dennis Jul 14, 2017 446
I can't get the institutional church out of my system. Smith, Tom Column Jun 2, 2017 924
Vitality department debuts. Brief article Jun 17, 2016 140
Praise and pastoral challenge: Francis' ecclesiology revealed in speeches to bishops around the world. Reese, Thomas Column Apr 8, 2016 1299
A real minister: happy to help, to serve, to advocate. Cocks, Nancy Essay Jan 1, 2016 520
Joy to the world! There is nothing more that needs to be said. Lockhart, Ross Dec 1, 2015 880
The power of education: opening classroom doors to create brighter futures. Dec 1, 2015 612
Parting words from Herb Gale. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 324
Faith that sticks: finding new ways to minister to families. Horst, Karen Dec 1, 2015 621
Parishes take on domestic violence ministry. Schlumpf, Heidi Sep 25, 2015 1314
Progressive Pentecostalism, development, and Christian development NGOs: a challenge and an opportunity. Myers, Bryant L. Essay Jul 1, 2015 6006
Euthanasia. McDermott, Terry Jan 1, 2015 1274
Father Con Reis and the movement's attempted takeover of Catholic Immigration Ministry: a Melbourne and a national issue, 1950-53. Noone, Val Jan 1, 2015 8841
The two Ronnies: priestly influence on a neophyte--a case of clerical grooming? De Luca, John Essay Jan 1, 2015 3894
Living into the story: doing ministry with, not for, children. Farris, Judith Essay Mar 1, 2014 698
Building bright futur in malawi: in october 2013, pws&d's communications coordinator KAREN BOKMA visited programs throughout malawi. below she shares some reflections from her visit. Bokma, Karen Travel narrative Mar 1, 2014 565
Building hope in our own backyard: two congregations take mission trips into their community. Maroney, Mike Jan 1, 2014 446
Grace, guts and luck. Dietrich, Jeff Essay Sep 13, 2013 2687
The church doors are open for all: it also started with a team of young people who offered to serve as buddies, these young people between the ages of 12 and 17, agreed to shadow the children with special needs during the days they were all on campus. Briley, Denise Essay Aug 1, 2013 1861
Francis on the church. Jun 21, 2013 510
Charitable by choice: a biblical view of faith-based initiatives. Spivey, James T. Essay Mar 22, 2013 7239
Verbatim. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 140
Revisiting the road to Emmaus: one church's story of transformation. Veenstra, Seth Feb 1, 2013 901
Three new frontiers for Catholic volunteers. Allen, John L., Jr. Jan 18, 2013 977
Meat and masculinity in men's ministries. Gelfer, Joseph Report Jan 1, 2013 7078
Detroit church sponsors gun buyback: 365 guns turned in at police event aiming to stem city's violence. Tunzi, Porsia Sep 14, 2012 553
A ministry of presence: Jesus formed his disciples by walking with them. Henderson, Amanda Sep 1, 2012 786
An adaptable, flexible ministry. Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Jun 22, 2012 783
Stations of the Cross. Brief article Jun 22, 2012 138
Random acts of chocolate: compassion comes wrapped in foil. O'Connor, Ann May 1, 2012 1584
Holy biscuits in Ethiopia. Winter, Miriam Therese Column Apr 27, 2012 870
Sanctuary in a damaged land: Maryknoll center in the Philippines leads visitors through earth's evolutionary story. Roewe, Brian Apr 13, 2012 1454
Catholic worker finds God in her surroundings. Abercrombie, Sharon Apr 13, 2012 1461
Matching needs leads to partnership. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 178
A place to call: first, Thunder Bay, Ont., has been sponsoring refugees for more than 20 years. Pandy, Abel Mar 1, 2012 980
Predictably unpredictable: life--and the church--demand flexibility. Horst, Rick Mar 1, 2012 551
'Let it begin with me': parishioners work for peace in Juarez. Kolb, Joseph J. Feb 3, 2012 695
Discernment can help you find where you'll serve best. Malcolm, Teresa Jan 20, 2012 687
Bishops' campaign distracts from real work of the church. Dibble, Scott Letter to the editor Sep 22, 2011 366
Lay Africans look for respect. Brief article Sep 3, 2010 186
Representative presbyter: a portrait of the church. Faiz, Andrew Column Jul 1, 2010 678
A call within a calling. Scott, Jhi Jun 1, 2010 1786
My pilgrimage in mission. Cleary, Edward L. Personal account Jan 1, 2010 4246
Maronite institutional development across Australia. Ghosn, Margaret Report Jan 1, 2010 4732
The ecumenical calling of the academic theologian to spiritual pilgrimage in service of gospel unity. Gros, Jeffrey Report Jun 22, 2009 8293
Wedding blessings of a married priest for rent. Stahley, Stephen Viewpoint essay Jun 12, 2009 599
Making parishes engaging and vibrant. Gallagher, Tom May 29, 2009 759
Among black Catholics, a deep loss. Roberts, Tom May 15, 2009 1328
Conference tells administrators it's their time to shine. Allen, John L., Jr. Apr 17, 2009 1029
The grace of living on the margins. Manson, Jamie L. Viewpoint essay Jan 9, 2009 993
Supreme illogic: Catholic social teaching and gun control. Nangle, Joe Nov 1, 2008 701
Pass it on. Heinz, Barbara Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2008 103
Korean priests advocate a more democratic church. Nov 16, 2007 352
Ministry in nursing homes: a practical guide. Normile, Patti Sep 14, 2007 1592
Hispanic youth are the U.S. church's best investment. Sep 7, 2007 864
Serving each other. Jan 19, 2007 178
Sanctuary for the broken. Malcolm, Teresa Column Jan 19, 2007 355
Call center ministry debuts. Brief article Oct 20, 2006 170
School offers alternative to the streets in Boston. Newall, Mike Oct 20, 2006 580
The connected church: laying out a dream to virtually link a thousand congregations. Knight, Keith Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2006 634
Charles Booth, charity control, and the London churches, 1897-1903. Brydon, Thomas R.C. Sep 22, 2006 12761
Does it pay to work for the church? Laypeople who make a living the church love what they do--but don't always love the pay. McClory, Robert J. Mar 1, 2006 3503
Good news in the mission field: an interview with father Joseph Maria Abella, C.M.F. Scherer-Emunds, Meinrad Interview Mar 1, 2006 2578
Breathing the spirit of life: 175 years at the headquarters of Presbyterianism. Stewart, Brian Excerpt Dec 1, 2005 1902
Under new management: a new pastor offers suggestions for those preparing the parish welcome wagon. Henson, Darren M. Oct 1, 2005 2155
Wesleyan foundations created Canada: his social activism mixed with orthodoxy are now sadly forgotten. Coren, Michael Sep 1, 2005 733
Indian churches urge interfaith response to pandemic. Akkara, Anto Feb 1, 2005 255
Unlocking the Kingdom: a youth minister asks teens why they won't enter a church. Ragan, Ty Dec 1, 2004 630
Keeping fit for the job at Christchurch City Libraries. Dawson, Debbie Dec 1, 2004 2022
Diocesan bankruptcies place church workers at risk: settlements have potential to create new set of victims. O'Reilly, Peter Oct 29, 2004 854
Southern Baptist women ministering in Metro New York, 1970-1995: the story of Southern Baptist women ministering in Metro New York from 1970 to the mid-1990s is remarkable. Ryals, DeLane M. Mar 22, 2004 3558
Meaning and passion: vocational ministry focuses on finding life's work in the church and world. Ryan, Antonia Jan 23, 2004 1376
Military see creates youth office. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Jan 23, 2004 121
Chapters & Churches: It's September Already! Get on Track for a Spirit-Filled Fall. Sep 1, 2003 665
Religion in the news. Sorel, Edward; Lingeman, Richard Jun 30, 2003 449
Catholic campus ministers urged to step up staffing. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article May 2, 2003 178
War on AIDS declared. Apr 1, 2003 114
AIDS program nets funding. Mar 1, 2003 178
Standing up for ushers: the "minister of hospitality," not unlike John the Baptist, prepares the way of the Lord by preparing the way for his followers. Kandra, Greg Mar 1, 2003 1282
A walk along L.A.'s Claretian way; their numbers are getting fewer, but they stick it out in street-level ministries. Jones, Arthur Cover Story Feb 28, 2003 1325
School offers last chance to troubled youth from South Central's mean streets. Jones, Arthur Cover Story Feb 28, 2003 1069
Parish of La Placita is `a Pentecost' community. Jones, Arthur Cover Story Feb 28, 2003 609
Sierra Leone's gruesome war: it was indeed a hell of total and terrible suffering. Kurtimah, Salamatu Feb 1, 2003 3749
Ottawa churches help refugees. Feb 1, 2003 651
Mission helps people, peppers bloom: programs' influences far reaching. Larmondin, Leanne Jan 1, 2003 924
Good news. (News: signs of the times). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 113
Outcomes from catholic service-learning. Stewart, Trae Dec 22, 2002 4852
U.S. parishes asked to help fight AIDS. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Dec 20, 2002 186
Moments from a trip to Africa. Larmondin, Leanne Dec 1, 2002 474
Twilight of a brilliant career (Charlotte Maxwell). Larmondin, Leanne Nov 1, 2002 1833
New archbishop of Kenya (Benjamin Mwanzia Nzimbi) pledges `key role' in fight against AIDS. Nov 1, 2002 176
Passionate steward: recovering Christian stewardship from secular fundraising. Book Review Nov 1, 2002 691
At Kansas L'Arche community love is the not-so-secret ingredient. Patterson, Margot Nov 1, 2002 1852
L'Arche founder reveals face of Christ: Jean Vanier offers mix of love, community to the suffering. (Cover Story). Allen, John L., Jr. Biography Nov 1, 2002 1914
Church's impact goes far beyond the numbers. (News in Brief). Oct 1, 2002 349
The convergence texts baptism, eucharist, and ministry: how did they take shape? What have they achieved? Vischer, Lukas Oct 1, 2002 14651
Promoting 20/20 vision: a Q & A ministry to undergraduates. Strauss, Gary H. Sep 22, 2002 5162
Female religious leaders take on peace-building. (News)(Cover Story). Brief Article Sep 20, 2002 351
Security concerns stymie refugee resettlement. (September 11: a year later). Lefevere, Patricia Statistical Data Included Sep 6, 2002 3324
Catholics should hang out with poor people; it's not enough to write a few checks to charity. If Christians take their faith seriously, they must spend actual face-to-face time with people who are poor. It took Sister Helen Prejean a while to realize this, but now she believes it's as essential as going to Mass. (sounding board). Prejean, Helen Sep 1, 2002 1314
My alternative Parents' Weekend: a college student and her parents find that an afternoon at the local homeless meal program brings them closer than any shopping trip, fancy dinner, or football game ever could. Plum, Jennifer Sep 1, 2002 1298
God and beer in the summertime: Theology on Tap brings young adults together to explore faith. LaReau, Renee M. Cover Story Aug 30, 2002 2417
Camp Good in the Hood: parish offers summer days of fun for inner--city kids. Brief Article Aug 30, 2002 193
Catholic Theological Union starts peace-building program. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Aug 2, 2002 220
The rhythm of the faithful. (The gifts we bring: the fifth in an occasional series celebrating diversity in the U.S. Catholic Church). Pierre-Louis, Francois Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2002 1311
Student Christian Movement (SCM). (People & Places). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 134
Congregations and civil society: a double-edged connection. Baggett, Jerome P. Jun 22, 2002 13412
I once was lost but now I'm found; the Lost Boys of Sudan wandered Africa for years. But Nhial Guot, who has found a temporary refuge in the United States, is no longer a boy nor lost--he knows just where his heart lies and where he wants to go. Conklin, Paul Jun 1, 2002 1296
Lay movements XIII: The Natural Family Planning Association: a family affair. Currie, Merrylin Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 647
Not identical twins. (PCC news). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 320
Killing enthusiasm: negativity kills enthusiasm in the church. (Here and Now). MacKenzie, R. Sheldon Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 496
No proof `faith-based' services are better, new report indicates. (People and Events). Brief Article May 1, 2002 581
Sanctuary leaders renew defense of asylum seekers. (Nation). Reel, James Apr 5, 2002 1064
Seven dioceses honored for work with refugees. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Apr 5, 2002 179
Salvadorans mark martyr's legacy; priest believed people `deserve the kingdom here,' says relative. (World). Hidalgo, Ellie Brief Article Apr 5, 2002 555
How God changed Mary: Thank God for the rebirth of all that has been good and true in Mary for so many years. (From the Moderator). Reed, Joe Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 674
Ball hockey: Making a connection to God; A church-sponsored program of ball hockey gives renewed life to both the children and the adult organizers. (Mission Knocks). Thornton, Owen Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 921
Presbyterian congregation part of ecumenical effort to aid abused women. (Other News). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 146
Fishers of people. (catholic tastes). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 276
Cross International builds hope in Haiti with help from American Catholics. (Paid Advertisement). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 695
Poverty's terrible impact on three young families ... and the new hope your compassion can give them. Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 929
Nonprofit groups try to make do with less money. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 203
Relief group to address abuse allegations. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 212
Future cardinals? (signs of the times). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 186
Good news. (signs of the times). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 109
Some children are being left behind. (Editorials). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 565
HIV drugs provided (in Uganda). Mar 1, 2002 109
Healing fund benefits poor, abused: goals are independence and dignity. Davidson, Jane Mar 1, 2002 509
Salvaging goods, salvaging lives: recycling junk to serve those society has excluded, the poor help the poor in Emmaus communities. Patterson, Margot Cover Story Feb 8, 2002 2403
Texas couple finds peace aiding refugees. (Ministries). Lefevere, Patricia Jan 18, 2002 1563
Happy campers: Blueprint for an effective children's summer program. (Mission Knocks). Martens, Dawn Jan 1, 2002 1431
Serving in a new, intriguing place. (Christmas). McCahill, Bob Dec 21, 2001 1207
Study finds hunger in suburbs and rural areas. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Dec 7, 2001 218
Young Catholics on the map. (signs of the times). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 154
What's this "preferential option for the poor"? (Glad you asked: Q&A on church teaching). Dinn, Jim Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 687
The risk of empowering the laity: Empowering the whole church for participation in the ministry and mission of Christ in the world. Palmer, Deidre Dec 1, 2001 2185
A united effort: A small, rural congregation and a shipping company team up to make Christmas a little brighter. (Mission knocks). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 269
Official warns of imminent refugee crisis. (World). Lefevere, Patricia Brief Article Nov 23, 2001 681
The heart of God: In response to terrorist attacks, Canada must not exclude the refugee whom God sends to bless us. (vox populi - Justice for all). Williams, Glynis; Donovan, Lynne Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 850
Supreme court to hear Jehovah's witness evangelism case. (In The Capital). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 299
CARITAS INTERNATIONALIS. Brief Article Oct 12, 2001 95
CWF Takes on WWF. LEE, ROBERT W. Brief Article Sep 24, 2001 488
"Liberated in the Spirit": Telling the lives of Jamaican women in a Pentecostal/Revivalist Church. Chambers-Gordon, Sharon Sep 22, 2001 4959
Church youth worker sentenced for child abuse. Donovan, Gill Brief Article Sep 7, 2001 240
Seeking a fix for troubled teens. McCorkle, Vern C. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 546
The New Preachers' Spouses. Kinnon, Joy Bennett Aug 1, 2001 1653
They Must Remain Separate. Anders, Christopher E. Jul 1, 2001 1823
Violence at home. CASA, KATHRYN Jun 29, 2001 4313
Congregation's outreach reaches far. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 182
Cross-stitching in Malawi. Jones, Heather Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 1074
GOOD NEWS. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 93
Borderline Christianity. SANDOVAL, MOISES Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2001 3726
Children of Chernobyl. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 528
AIDS devastating Papua New Guinea (New Zealand). Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 337
French Catholic heritage on the prairies. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 283
Ukrainians in Canada, 1900-1930. Lozinsky, Joseph Jun 1, 2001 4291
Full text of the statement of major superiors in Nigeria. Letter to the Editor May 4, 2001 517
The coming of WYD 2002. Brief Article May 1, 2001 177
One giant's step for humankind. Shaw, Leslie Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 786
Sojourner's Day. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 218
No price tag, just no time. Batz, Jeannette Brief Article Mar 23, 2001 1049
Doing Theology in the City. FITZGERALD, PAUL Mar 22, 2001 4892
How African-American gay activists in the rural south found community support. Robinson, William Mar 22, 2001 2996
Training the Homeless to Get Jobs and Homes. Selle, Robert R. Mar 1, 2001 1659
Arizona's Underground Railroad. Vanderpool, Tim Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 1020
IRS Seizes Indiana Church For Back Taxes. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 244
Love is like a fine old violin. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 345
My, how things have changed! Overholt, Dave Feb 1, 2001 2572
Baptist World Alliance relief efforts in Post-Second-World-War Europe: the Baptist World Alliance, the official global fellowship of Baptists, was created at the Baptist World Congress in London in 1905. Pierard, Richard V. Jan 1, 2001 8169
Worship in dump (in Brazil). Jan 1, 2001 96
Caring ears, warm hearts, cookies: prostitutes `just people'. Stevens, Dale Jan 1, 2001 671
NATION. Malcolm, Teresa Dec 15, 2000 1349
Arctic Journal. Book Review Dec 1, 2000 869
Arctic Journal II: a time for a change. Book Review Dec 1, 2000 876
First water, then goats and computers: an English parish's links with Uganda. Rignall, Ann Dec 1, 2000 2019
Core Values. Rice, Jim Nov 1, 2000 2467
Host Sant'Egidio community in familiar mediator role. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Oct 6, 2000 954
Heartening discussion of church future. Brief Article Oct 6, 2000 556
Peace worker's suicide a wake-up call for churches: `where was the peace inside Jacinto Muth?'. Okite, Odhiambo Oct 1, 2000 1151
Baffling call of God: God doesn't always call us to the easiest situations. Fraser, Kimberly Oct 1, 2000 624
Call to wake us up, open our doors. BEHRENS, JAMES STEPHEN Brief Article Sep 29, 2000 890
Shining God's forgiveness, love through broken lives. LEFEVERE, PATRICIA Interview Sep 15, 2000 1444
Serving with Jesuit volunteers and beyond. JONES, ARTHUR Interview Sep 15, 2000 1128
Healing the Sick And the System. Dossett, Emily Sep 1, 2000 2334
Why I Am (Still) a Catholic. BERRY, JASON Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2000 3352
March of Women: Part III. Valk, Alphonse de Sep 1, 2000 1468
GOOD NEWS. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 114
SWEEP THEM OFF THE STREETS. Marriott, John Aug 1, 2000 2547
SOUL MAN. NEFF, LISA Jul 18, 2000 1327
Saint Dorothy Day, pray for us. MCGRATH, TOM Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 825
Two poor nations at war. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 326
Gramick, Nugent summoned to Rome. SCHAEFFER, PAMELA Brief Article Jun 2, 2000 731
KEEPING FAITH. Brief Article Jun 2, 2000 372
The Details of Life - All children need more than test-taking skills. Pet burials, for instance. Kozol, Jonathan May 22, 2000 3238
Food For The Poor's Outreach Creates Hope Among Riverton's "Dump Dwellers". Brief Article May 1, 2000 444
CONNECTIONS. Newberry, Elizabeth Brief Article May 1, 2000 1053
PWRDF (The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund) 1999 Annual Report. Michael Peers, and others May 1, 2000 2136
Urgent appeal launched for Africa: Primate's Fund warns of famine. Blair, Kathy May 1, 2000 554
St. Bede's is the kind of parish all Catholics deserve. GROSS, JUDY Brief Article Apr 7, 2000 883
Announcing. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 271
PWS&D (Presbyterian World Service and Development) appeals for aid for Mozambique. Apr 1, 2000 283
Moderator pleads farmers' case to prime minister. Apr 1, 2000 293
Listening to the voices of suffering: Bjorn Ole Austad meets the Director of Caritas Malta, a priest (Victor Grech) who feels the pain of those in difficulties - and puts others to work to help them. Ole-Austad, Bjorn Apr 1, 2000 1405
Urban contemplatives open to the world. BLANEY, RETTA Mar 10, 2000 3159
HEALING body and soul. ZYSKOWSKI, BOB Mar 1, 2000 2654
New Mercys for a new era. JONES, ARTHUR Feb 18, 2000 2977
Communities must welcome the disabled. McGRANE, JANICE Feb 18, 2000 1417
Wide variations in ministry to Hispanics. Jones, Arthur Brief Article Feb 11, 2000 744
With love, even a hot dog helps. BEHRENS, JAMES STEPHEN Brief Article Jan 28, 2000 793
The common cup. DOYLE, BRIAN Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 727
KEEPING FAITH. Dec 3, 1999 396
A spiritual self-portrait. SCHIMMEL, DAVID Dec 3, 1999 2139
No! to 'Duplessis orphans' (Canada). Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 220
Gramick speaks; others silenced. McCLORY, ROBERT J.; ROBERTS, TOM Oct 22, 1999 1727
Will Birth of the New Millennium Bring New Hope to Children in Desperate Need? Oct 22, 1999 408
2000 Years Later: Early Church's Model for Helping Poor Still Works Best. Brief Article Oct 22, 1999 498
Age-old question: how do you deal with gifted and capable older people who say ...? Plomp, Tony Oct 1, 1999 577
NATION. Sep 17, 1999 1627
Keeping the parish engine running. JONES, ARTHUR Brief Article Sep 3, 1999 601
Catholic hospitals betray their mission. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 860
Sterilization attacks the poor. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 205
Creative doodling. Lockerbie, Caroline Sep 1, 1999 614
Bishop Murphy, `total mensch,' fights cancer. BLANEY, RETTA Aug 27, 1999 2027
Australian bishops find Catholic women feel pain, alienation. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Aug 27, 1999 1084
Dolls, teddy bears shipped to Kosovo. JONES, ARTHUR Brief Article Aug 27, 1999 310
Hospital origins. Macy, Gary Brief Article Aug 13, 1999 171
Church comes to defense of inner city. FLOOD, EDMUND Brief Article Aug 13, 1999 1079
Acting pastor. PERGA, MARY ANN Aug 1, 1999 1795
Why the poor belong to us. Appleby, R. Scott Aug 1, 1999 1379
Bishop drops covenant, rehires workers in Fargo. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Jul 30, 1999 891
KEEPING FAITH. Brief Article Jul 2, 1999 402
Ark isn't lost - it's in Dawson Creek, British Columbia: for 10 years, teenagers in Dawson Creek have found refuge in the Ark - a place where faith and fun become one. Congram, John Jul 1, 1999 1025
The Moral Dilemmas of Doing Good. SENSENIG, PEARL Jul 1, 1999 2243
With one foot in the real world: helping the disconnected to reconnect. Nagy, Elaine Jun 1, 1999 1305
NATION. Kantz, Matt May 7, 1999 1552
Parish nursing: an idea whose time has come. Edwards, Jody May 1, 1999 1110
It would be just like Jesus to include women. Brief Article Apr 2, 1999 714
United States: Opportunities for women in Church service. Brief Article Apr 1, 1999 348
Little idea that grew: how a congregation's day camp for kids became an outreach to the community. Charleson, Shirley Mar 1, 1999 609
Christians don't have to face mental illness alone. Kosowan, Nan McKenzie Mar 1, 1999 1246
It's pope as pop star in youth rally. MALCOLM, TERESA Feb 5, 1999 1710
Canada's disciple to the disabled: Jean Vanier devotes his life to tearing down walls that confine the afflicted. Scrivener, Leslie Jan 1, 1999 1120
Kenyan Presbyterian minister (Rev. Joseph Kinyua Mothaly) tackles AIDS. Allen, Rock Jan 1, 1999 590
Now that the dust has settled: in the wake of the Nairobi bombing. Clark, Ian Jan 1, 1999 694
In this lush suburb, they `beat the bushes' for people to serve. JONES, ARTHUR Abstract Dec 25, 1998 1364
Catholic youth celebrate at Mass, in streets. Brief Article Oct 16, 1998 546
Though a hard guy to like, Junior teaches us all about God's inclusivity. Siegfried, Regina Oct 9, 1998 460
A mission turned towards God. Chevalley, Genevieve Oct 1, 1998 2856
Sent in the spirit to announce good news: a testimony of grassroots ministry in Costa Rica. Marin Bermudez, Miriam Oct 1, 1998 2077
Report from the Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Klempa, William Oct 1, 1998 858
Inner-city ministry: one woman's efforts to relieve the pain of the city. Muir, Donald Oct 1, 1998 480
Light in the shadows: the ministry of Wayne Maddock. Worthington, Betty Oct 1, 1998 942
Tiny red bathing suit of Mr. July. Book Review Oct 1, 1998 352
The church gets hip: burgeoning young adult ministries prove the church can pack youth appeal. Allen, John L., Jr. Sep 25, 1998 540

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