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Different versions of the Lord's prayer. A comparative approach. Barnea, Alexandrel Critical essay Dec 22, 2018 2745
Beautiful Swansongs of English Cathedral Music: Adolescence and the Boy "Treble" Voice. Ashley, Martin Report Nov 1, 2018 6089
Turning Points in Baptist Church Music. Music, David W. Sep 22, 2017 5249
Saetas. Bauer, Curtis Poem Jan 1, 2015 361
A noteworthy education: music and liturgy enrich learning at cathedral's coed choir school. Forgey, Mick Jun 6, 2014 1348
Why the pipe organ is the best instrument for liturgical music. Decaria, Joseph May 1, 2014 1693
The Santiago Codex of Valladolid: origins, contents and dating. Torres, Nuria Report Apr 1, 2014 8493
How foreign is foreign? On the origins of Leopold Hofmann's smaller liturgical works. Badley, Allan Report Jan 1, 2014 5898
The glory years of French Royal liturgical music. Dwyer, Paul James Sep 1, 2013 1778
Song dropped from hymnal sparks atonement debate. Smietana, Bob Aug 30, 2013 772
RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH MUSIC. Myers, Gregory Jun 1, 2012 1587
Characterisation and the use of references to psalms, hymns and hallelujah songs in Marlene van Niekerk's novel Agaat/Karakterisering en die gebruik van verwysings na psalms, gesange en hallelujaliedere in die roman Agaat van Marlene van Niekerk. van der Mescht, H.H. Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 8552
More than 3,100 musicians gather to 'sing a new song'. McAllister, Marnie Aug 5, 2011 696
Playing the Horn in church. Lomas, Charles May 1, 2011 1565
The Shimmer of Holy Innocence. Friesen, Eric Critical essay Dec 22, 2010 2654
Jews for 'Sister Act'. Mann, Dina Brief article Jul 27, 2010 297
The Baptist influence on revival music/ the revival influence on Baptist music. Music, David W. Essay Jun 22, 2010 4187
Music for the journey: when we sing the scriptures, they enter our hearts and minds. Simeone, Denise Dec 11, 2009 807
All together now: you can do it. Just take a deep breath. And sing. Scobey, Annemarie Dec 1, 2009 762
Hymns at church. Beresford, David Essay Jun 1, 2009 811
The saxophone and the pastoral Italian jazz in the age of fascist modernity. Dainotto, Roberto Essay Jun 22, 2008 9203
The first evangelical oratorio. Bergt, Robert Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 4456
The trinitarian journey: music as gift and sounded Word. Brugh, Lorraine Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 2805
Songs formed by cultures, culture formed by song: evaluating and using song genres in Evangelical Lutheran Worship. Farlee, Robert Buckley Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 3962
Singing at funerals and memorial services. Ramshaw, Elaine J. Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 5939
Musicians aim to convert musically traditionalist pope. Brief article Oct 5, 2007 241
Improvisatory musical practices in Australia's colonial Church of England. Pender, Graeme Jun 1, 2007 6952
Bridging the church music gap: there's a rich middle ground between organ lofts and praise bands. Thorngate, Steve Mar 1, 2006 1646
Musical prepares the way. McTavish, John Mar 1, 2005 391
Dave Brubeck. Brief Article Dec 10, 2004 87
Our treasured hymnals: a revered publishing tradition in black religious music, started in 1801, continues today. Stanley, Kathryn V. Nov 1, 2004 1105
The gospel about Gospel--the power of the ring. Bangert, Mark P. Aug 1, 2004 7607
A musical challenge to go forward: Vatican's top musican argues against romanticizing pre-Vatican II era. Allen, John L., Jr. Apr 16, 2004 1514
Everybody, on three ... Gary, Heather Grennan Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 114
'Good tunes and good text' create vital liturgy at Colorado parish; it takes time, dedication to build quality music program, says director. Jones, Melissa Jan 23, 2004 1244
Ariel Ramirez: high fidelity for folk: a passionate exponent of traditional music, this prolific composer has brought the rhythms of Argentina's interior to world audiences. Bach, Caleb Sep 1, 2003 3140
Why Catholics shouldn't bother to sing: feeling a little left out during the Communion hymn? It might just be that your parish is dominated by what Thomas Day calls "Big Voice." Tongue in cheek, he pushes current trends to their logical conclusion, telling Catholics to simply shut up altogether. (sounding board). Day, Thomas Jun 1, 2003 2769
Music & liturgy. (Summer Listings 2). Brief Article May 2, 2003 120
Spirit in sound: new sacred music: with beauty as a medium, composers' works echo the beating heart of God. (Spirituality: special section). Heffern, Rich Biography Dec 13, 2002 4245
How to be annoying and religious. (Catholic tastes). Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 221
A Festival for the Soul. BROOKS, IRIS Sep 1, 2002 2747
Wine in the wilderness: many African Americans have known and risen above suffering and despair. Now black Catholics are called upon to give their "gifts of blackness" to help heal the country and the church. Brown, Joseph A. Aug 1, 2002 1597
Hymnody as history: early evangelical hymns and the recovery of American popular religion. Marini, Stephen Jun 1, 2002 14511
All things must pass. (Odds & Ends). Gilmour, Peter Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 566
An early-seventeenth-century collection of sacred vocal music and its Augsburg connections. Charteris, Richard Mar 1, 2002 11045
Struggling to catch the beat. JONES, ARTHUR Brief Article Aug 24, 2001 634
Funk -- the man behind the music. JONES, ARTHUR Aug 24, 2001 1266
Insiders debate how to praise. JONES, ARTHUR Interview Aug 24, 2001 1170
Then and now. Brief Article Aug 24, 2001 290
Good music pays for itself. Jones, Arthur Interview Aug 24, 2001 2226
Love is like a fine old violin. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 345
Seductive melodies. Taylor, Jim Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 738
Dieterich Buxtehude. MCLEAN, HUGH J. Critical Essay Sep 1, 2000 3090
Rolls Royce of T-shirts is won by an L.A. Bentley. Brief Article Oct 22, 1999 888
Songs of knowledge: the World Festival of Sacred Music in Fes. Osborne, Christine Sep 1, 1999 876
How sweet the sound. Kelley, Nancy Nov 1, 1998 949
Chants encounters. Block, Ed Column Sep 1, 1998 812
Our fathers' music: tambura in St. Louis. Marshall, Dan Mar 1, 1998 2879
Sing your heart out. McCormick, Patrick Mar 1, 1998 2122
Ensuring that the song remains the same. Cawsey, Kathy Sep 1, 1997 713
A body without organs: three approaches - Cage, Bach, and Messiaen. Asplund, Christian Jun 22, 1997 6528
Music at the parish church of St Mary at Hill, London. Lloyd, Richard May 1, 1997 3212
You are what you sing: you sing what you are. Derksen, John H. Mar 1, 1997 1503
Teaching new hymns: what to know, what to do, what not to do. Anderson, Donald; Donaldson, Andrew Mar 1, 1997 1260
It's not the tune (but the heart). McLelland, Joseph C. Mar 1, 1997 582
Binchois's text. Kirkman, Andrew; Weller, Philip Nov 1, 1996 25706
Calling the tune: the debate about church music is also a debate about control. Kathy Cawsey Oct 1, 1996 756
The Byzantine Office of the Genuflexion. Harris, Simon Aug 1, 1996 4308
Music doesn't make the Mass. Daoust, Jerry May 1, 1996 1158
An affair of honour: 'Tudor Church Music,' the ousting of Richard Terry, and a trust vindicated. Turbet, Richard Nov 1, 1995 5177
Crispijne and Abertijne: two tenors at the Church of St Niklaas, Brussels. Haggh, Barbara Biography Aug 1, 1995 11036
Handel's 'Messiah': supplementary notes on sources. Burrows, Donald; Shaw, Watkins Aug 1, 1995 7505
Instrumental music in Lerma, c. 1608. Kirk, Douglas Aug 1, 1995 7829
Spanish liturgical hymns: a matter of time. Turner, Bruno Aug 1, 1995 6421
Penalosa's hymn 'O lux beata trinitas' - a contrafactum? Turner, Bruno Aug 1, 1995 500
Liturgical music: if played in church, it may be Twin Cities sound. Gibeau, Dawn Cover Story May 12, 1995 2196
Good ritual music is a complex package. Gibeau, Dawn Cover Story May 12, 1995 1148
Her music is Mexican at heart. Gibeau, Dawn Cover Story May 12, 1995 852
Music reflects what's going on. Gibeau, Dawn Cover Story May 12, 1995 755
Give Gregorian chants another chance. Riggs, Brian May 1, 1995 790
Reflections on a journey among the Orthodox. Hogan, Denise C. Jan 1, 1995 3068
Choir director stages prayerful encore. D'Antonio, William V. Column Jun 17, 1994 645
The Office of Holy Week at St. Mark's, Venice, in the late 16th century, and the musical contributions of Giovanni Croce. Bettley, John Feb 1, 1994 7976
St Mark's before Willaert. Fenlon, Iain Nov 1, 1993 6102
Monteverdiana 1993. Stevens, Denis Nov 1, 1993 3954
Musicians meet to tune in spirit of liturgical year. Ralston, James Jul 2, 1993 414
Lauda. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 151
Magnificat. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 104

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