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Church in the world: new Cardinals.

Vatican - In January Pope John Paul II appointed 22 new cardinals. Canadian news sources focussed exclusively on the new Cardinal of Toronto, Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic and never informed Canadians about the other 21 cardinals.

The new cardinals fall into two large blocks: residential bishops of large dioceses, and heads of Vatican departments.

The first group consists of Ambrozic (Toronto, 68); Balland (Lyons, France, 64); Carrera (Mexico City, 57); Cheli (Turin, 73); De Giorgi, (Palermo, 66); Fernandes (Belo Horizonto, Brazil, 75); George (Chicago, 61); Pengo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 54); Schoenborn (Vienna, 53); Shan Kuo-Shi, S.J. (Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 75); Tettamanzi (Genoa, 64); and Varela (Madrid, 62).

Heads of Vatican departments made cardinals are Antonetti (administration, Holy See, 75); Bovone (Saints, 75); Castrillon Hoyos (Clergy, 69); Colasuonno (Papal Nuncio to Italy, 73); Estevez (Worship, 71); Monduzzi (Pope's household, 75); and Stafford (Laity, 66).

In addition, the Pope also appointed as Cardinal a Polish missionary in Zambia, 86-year-old Adam Kozlowiecki, S.J., former Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia, and a survivor of four years in the concentration camp at Dachau.
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Date:Mar 1, 1998
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