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Women and men were leaders in Jesus' church. Schenk, Christine Sep 21, 2018 1060
Composition notes: The New Testament letters give us a window into the early church. Camille, Alice Oct 1, 2017 1281
Panelists talk women deacons. Brief article May 5, 2017 139
Jesus and the displaced. Morrow, Joseph L. Dec 19, 2016 1213
La formacion de una nueva sensibilidad religiosa en el paso a la modernidad. Nueva Espana entre los siglos XVII y XVIII. Rubial Garcia, Antonio Nov 1, 2016 4233
The ecumenical significance of eucharistic conversion. Daly, Robert J.; Macy, Gary; Raitt, Jill Essay Mar 1, 2016 13102
Panel presentation on The Church: Towards a Common Vision. Robeck, Cecil M., Jr. Mar 22, 2015 2670
What's in a dome? Topping, Ryan Brief article Oct 1, 2014 316
Explaining eucharistic "real presence": moving beyond a medieval conundrum. Prusak, Bernard P. Essay Jun 1, 2014 14364
Schism: a history of the Latin Roman and Eastern Orthodox Churches: Part II: AD 1176-2014. Dwyer, Paul-James Jun 1, 2014 2137
Why the pipe organ is the best instrument for liturgical music. Decaria, Joseph May 1, 2014 1693
Schism: a history of the Latin Roman and eastern Orthodox churches. Dwyer, Paul-James May 1, 2014 2024
Overview on iconophile and iconoclastic attitudes toward images in early Christianity and late antiquity. Strezova, Anita Report Dec 22, 2013 12498
Can we use real bread at Mass? Switzer, John Jul 1, 2013 456
Salvation history in Ayi Kwei Armah's Two Thousand Seasons. Guendouzi, Amar Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 7276
The Vatican and Cuba: constructive engagement at work. Amuchastegui, Domingo Mar 1, 2012 1520
Islam and medieval Christianity. Poole, Charles P., Jr. Cover story Jan 1, 2012 2281
Inventing Church History. Heitzenrater, Richard P. Essay Dec 1, 2011 5679
The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed: further clarifications in the new English translation of Mass texts. Roy, Neil J. Reprint Oct 1, 2011 1406
Constantine and myths of the fall of the church: an Anabaptist view. Sider, J. Alexander Critical essay Oct 1, 2011 4449
Grants. Conference notes Jul 1, 2011 367
That all may be one? Church unity and the German national idea, 1866-1883. Landry, Stan M. Essay Jun 1, 2011 8962
Introduction. Finch, Martha L. Jun 1, 2011 727
Musings and reflections. Hillerbrand, Hans Column Jun 1, 2011 2462
Mennonite spirituality: a reassessment of "humility theology" in North America in the nineteenth century. Martin, Andrew C. Essay Apr 1, 2011 12747
Christianity is moving from North to South--so what about the East? Daughrity, Dyron B. Essay Jan 1, 2011 4989
Liturgy as art: David Stancliffe questions the history, processes and contemporary manifestations of liturgical art. Stancliffe, David Column Sep 22, 2010 3035
The recovery of eucharistic and holographic ecclesiology as a promising avenue of ecumenical dialogue and broader mutual recognition. Cleenewerck, Laurent; von Schwarz, Ernst R. Essay Sep 22, 2010 8444
Peter: confessor, denier, proclaimer, validator of proclamation--a study in diversity. Krentz, Edgar Essay Aug 1, 2010 7947
Courtly love and christian marriage: Chretien de Troyes, Chaucer, and Henry VIII. Jeffrey, David Lyle Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 6667
Forum: Postcolonial Theory and the Study of Christian History introduction. Clark, Elizabeth A. Conference notes Dec 1, 2009 752
Postcolonial Theory and the Study of Christian History. Styers, Randall Essay Dec 1, 2009 2687
The call of the Crusades: an idea promoted by Pope Urban II at the end of the 11th century continues to resonate in modern politics. Jonathan Phillips traces the 800-year history of 'Crusade' and its power as a concept that shows no sign of diminishing. Phillips, Jonathan Nov 1, 2009 4417
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Editorial Sep 1, 2009 1172
Abbots ascendant: William Chester Jordan's study of one of medieval Europe's great monastic rivalries suggests that social mobility may have been more common in the Middle Ages than historians previously thought. Jordan, William Chester Essay Aug 1, 2009 3433
The influence of premillennial eschatology on evangelical missionary theory and praxis from the late nineteenth century to the present. Pocock, Michael Critical essay Jul 1, 2009 7474
Inevitable, necessary crisis: every 500 years upheaval hits Christianity, writer argues--and it's happening now. Roberts, Tom May 29, 2009 1777
Trent and the clergy in late eighteenth-century Malta. Ciappara, Frans Essay Mar 1, 2009 12078
The International impact of the formation of the Church of South India: Bishop Newbigin versus the Anglican Fathers. Laing, Mark Jan 1, 2009 5420
The 1899 Cuban marriage law controversy: Church, State and empire in the crucible of nation. Logan, Enid Lynette Essay Dec 22, 2008 13198
"Read it also to the Gentiles": the displacement and recasting of the philosopher in the Vita Antonii. Urbano, Arthur, Jr. Critical essay Dec 1, 2008 18836
Mission and healing in historical perspective. Grundmann, Christoffer H. Essay Oct 1, 2008 3737
Strange brew: global, regional and local factors behind the 1690 prohibition of Christian practice in Nguyen Cochinchina. Cooke, Nola Essay Oct 1, 2008 15494
Muhammad, "the prophet like Moses"? Singh, David Emmanuel Essay Sep 22, 2008 9538
Teaching the history of Chinese Christianity: some pedagogical perspectives. Lee, Joseph Tse-Hei Essay Sep 22, 2008 4568
Mendicants, the communes, and the law. Powell, James M. Essay Sep 1, 2008 8386
"Sinne unfoulded": time, election, and disbelief among the godly in late sixteenth--and early seventeenth-century England. Bruhn, Karen Critical essay Sep 1, 2008 11021
The secular beyond: free religious dissent and debates over the afterlife in nineteenth-century Germany. Weir, Todd Essay Sep 1, 2008 13829
"God is the author of both": science, religion, and the intellectualization of American Methodism. Farrelly, Maura Jane Essay Sep 1, 2008 13158
The great emergence: every 500 years or so, the church--and the world--experience huge social, political, economic, and cultural shifts. What does this revolutionary evolution mean for the church? Tickle, Phyllis Essay Aug 1, 2008 1226
Multiple options: the world of the fifteenth-century church. Van Engen, John Jun 1, 2008 13709
Interpreting the Dutch great awakening (1749-1755). van Lieburg, Fred Jun 1, 2008 8516
"Though their skin remains brown, I hope their souls will soon be white": slavery, French missionaries, and the Roman Catholic priesthood in the American South, 1789-1865 (1). Pasquier, Michael Jun 1, 2008 16946
Siblings and the sexes within the medieval religious life (1). Griffiths, Fiona J. Essay Mar 1, 2008 14840
Living together in the twenty-first century: some biblical probes. Senior, Donald Lecture Feb 1, 2008 5695
Writing a social history of Christianity in India. Webster, John C.B. Jan 1, 2008 3415
The Tian Zu Hui (Natural Foot Society): Christian women in China and the fight against footbinding. Whitefield, Brent Essay Jan 1, 2008 4335
Open hearts: the Catholic church and the stolen generation in the Kimberley. Zucker, Margaret Essay Jan 1, 2008 6632
The beginning of the Diocese of Parramatta: reflections. Heather, Bede Speech Jan 1, 2008 5589
The Diocese of Broken Bay: foundation years. Luttrell, John Essay Jan 1, 2008 5537
Urbanization and the end of Black churches in the modern world. Evans, Curtis J. Dec 1, 2007 10387
Defining the boundaries of orthodoxy: Eunomius in the anti-Jewish polemic of his Cappadocian opponents. Shepardson, Christine Dec 1, 2007 11292
Guardians of the sacred: the nuns of Soissons and the slipper of the Virgin Mary (1). Clark, Anne L. Dec 1, 2007 12539
Let the children come: the religion of the protestant child in early America (1). Holifield, E. Brooks Dec 1, 2007 12954
Mormons study "abroad" Brigham Young's romance with American higher education, 1867-1877 (1). Simpson, Thomas W. Dec 1, 2007 9794
Jubilee: a magazine of the church and her people: toward a Vatican II ecclesiology. Rivera, Mary Anne Sep 22, 2007 8998
As long as we wonder: possibilities in the impossibility of interreligious dialogue. Fletcher, Jeannine Hill Sep 1, 2007 10483
From Oxford to Rome: Newman's ecclesial conversion. Conn, Walter F. Sep 1, 2007 10429
Hilary and the Homoiousians: using new categories to map the Trinitarian controversy. Weedman, Mark Sep 1, 2007 9705
Mission delayed: the Russian Orthodox Church after the conquest of Kazan' (1). Romaniello, Matthew P. Sep 1, 2007 12570
Ritual time in British Plantation Colonies, 1650-1780. Beasley, Nicholas M. Sep 1, 2007 13712
"The flame of life was kindled in all animal and sensitive creatures": one quaker colonist's view of animal life (1). Plank, Geoffrey Sep 1, 2007 10052
The middle belt movement and the formation of Christian consciousness in colonial Northern Nigeria. Barnes, Andrew E. Sep 1, 2007 8633
Thomas Aquinas on the ultimate why question: why is there anything at all rather than nothing whatsoever? *. Wippel, John F. Jun 1, 2007 10180
Justice and the banning of the poets: the way of hermeneutics in Plato's Republic. Mei, Todd S. Jun 1, 2007 10412
Catholic identity and Antisemitism in a eulogy for Isabel "the Catholic" *. McManamon, John M. Report Mar 22, 2007 11695
1054 revisited. Frazee, Charles Report Mar 22, 2007 9655
Of borders and boundaries: World History, World Christianity, and the pedagogy of religion. Sinitiere, Phillip Luke Essay Mar 22, 2007 9168
Transformation: Vatican II was only a beginning: radical changes await religious life in 21st century. Markey, Eileen Feb 23, 2007 2030
Exploring historic Turkey: traveler follows in footsteps of famous persons, civilizations. Schaeffer, Pamela Jul 28, 2006 2659
The Da Vinci Code reflects the strength of Christianity. Royal, Robert Jun 2, 2006 906
Move over, Disney world: a billionaire's quest for a catholic magic kingdom raises the question What makes a town catholic? Cones, Bryan Jun 1, 2006 740
Awards of the American Society of Church History. Awards list Jun 1, 2006 424
The Da Vinci Code does a disservice to Mary of Magdala. Schenk, Christine May 12, 2006 1125
The pardoner's promises: preaching and policing indulgences in the fourteenth-century English church. Shaffern, Robert W. Mar 22, 2006 6860
Later heresies. Baldwin, Barry Mar 1, 2006 3173
Of locustae and dangerous men: Peter Damian, the Vallombrosans, and eleventh-century reform (1). Cushing, Kathleen G. Dec 1, 2005 8502
Mary or Michael? Saint-switching, gender, and sanctity in a medieval miracle of childbirth (1). Smith, Katherine Allen Dec 1, 2005 12719
St Augustine. Baldwin, Barry Oct 1, 2005 1626
Bridging the East-West divide: Benedict set to carry on John Paul II's dream of Christian unity. Merrill, Christopher Sep 2, 2005 1154
Nostra Aetate after 40 years. Cunningham, Philip A. Sep 1, 2005 1274
Nostra Aetate: a protestant perspective. Frank, Sherman Sep 1, 2005 1023
The Christian reclamation of Judaism. Sandmel, David Fox Jun 22, 2005 5275
In search of power and privilege: Papal struggles to retain power require far more accommodations with modernity than many are willing to admit. Myers, W. David Mar 22, 2005 3018
NCR and the Legion: an explanation. Roberts, Tom Jan 14, 2005 973
The archives on the history of Christianity in China at Hong Kong Baptist University Library: its development, significance, and future. Chan, Kylie Jan 1, 2005 2771
Saintly physician, diabolical doctor, medieval saint: exploring the reputation of Gil de Santarem in Medieval and renaissance Portugal. McCleery, Iona Biography Jan 1, 2005 7831
The white crown of works: Cyprian's early pastoral ministry of almsgiving in Carthage (1). Dunn, Geoffrey D. Dec 1, 2004 12801
Medicine and moral reform: the place of practical piety in John Wesley's art of physic. Madden, Deborah Dec 1, 2004 7787
The 1904-05 Welsh revival: modernization, technologies, and techniques of the self. Gitre, Edward J. Dec 1, 2004 15409
St. Gregory of Nyssa. Baldwin, Barry Dec 1, 2004 1108
Clement of Alexandria. Baldwin, Barry Jul 1, 2004 731
Gender and the construction of models of Christian activity: a case study. Johnson, Dale A. Jun 1, 2004 11947
Negotiating knightly piety: the cult of the warrior-saints in the West, ca. 1070-ca. 1200. MacGregor, James B. Jun 1, 2004 13197
Jan Shipps and the mainstreaming of Mormon studies. Barlow, Philip Critical Essay Jun 1, 2004 7873
Reform begins in inferior renewal. Macy, Gary Brief Article May 21, 2004 328
St. Polycarp. Baldwin, Barry May 1, 2004 1440
The church beyond our boundaries/the ecumenical vocation of Orthodoxy. Sauca, Ioan Apr 1, 2004 8035
Publishing local-church history: many people have shaped my life for fifty-nine years--parents, grandparents, siblings, wife, daughters, friends, professors, and colleagues at work. But if I am honest with myself, I have to admit that local churches probably have influenced me as much or more than anyone or anything else. Deweese, Charles W. Mar 22, 2004 552
Ecumenism: new studies in North American perspective. Goodwin, Daniel C.; Reimer, Samuel H. Mar 22, 2004 1418
Cooperative religion in Quebec. Lougheed, Richard Mar 22, 2004 15161
Conduits of faith: Reinhold Niebuhr's liturgical thought. Bains, David R. Mar 1, 2004 12155
The Bible's better half. Spivey, Ed, Jr. Feb 1, 2004 763
The Matthew Talbot Hostel. Lynch, Ruth G. Jan 1, 2004 827
The biblical foundations for a feminist and participatory theology of mission. Lienemann-Perrin, Christine Jan 1, 2004 9325
The social history of the Reformation: recent trends and future agendas. Holt, Mack P. Sep 22, 2003 6618
Was there a Reformation in the sixteenth century? Hillerbrand, Hans J. Sep 1, 2003 12049
The birth of religious toleration. (Religion & Philosophy). Jun 22, 2003 553
On teaching the history of Christianity: traditions and presuppositions. Holifield, E. Brooks Jun 1, 2003 5973
"Minutes of the annual meeting of the American Society of Church History: 2 January 2003. (Society Notices). Jun 1, 2003 4734
The Newport Collection (1766): the First Baptist hymnal in America. Music, David W. Mar 22, 2003 7866
Conspicuous in their absence: women in early christianity. Bellan-Boyer, Lisa Mar 22, 2003 4352
The ossuary, the panel, the questions. Elson, Brigid Mar 1, 2003 1020
I. Theodore Maynard (1890-1956): a historian of American Catholicism. (Religious Historians, East and West). Hendricks, T.W. Jan 1, 2003 6799
Pope makes historic appearance. (News in Brief: Vatican). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 290
Spreading the gospel in the Middle Ages: Bernard Hamilton unravels the complex tale of the spread of the Christian faith and its competing hierarchies. Hamilton, Bernard Jan 1, 2003 3838
Catholics from Goa (India). Mastromatteo, Mike Jan 1, 2003 2605
The topography of saints. Donaldson, Sue; Kymlicka, Will Dec 22, 2002 3958
"The same cause and like quarell": Eusebius, John Foxe, and the Evolution of Ecclesiastical History (1). Minton, Gretchen E. Dec 1, 2002 11606
Historical and systematic theology in the mirror of church history: the lessons of "ordination" in sixteenth-century Saxony. Kittelson, James M. Dec 1, 2002 14645
Identity and plurality: a Pentecostal-charismatic perspective (1). Karkkainen, Veli-Matti Oct 1, 2002 1785
Protestant restructuring in the Canadian city: church and mission in the industrial working-class district of Griffintown, Montreal. Trigger, Rosalyn Sep 22, 2002 12389
The early church in North America: late antiquity, theory, and the history of Christianity. Brakke, David Sep 1, 2002 8409
The future of medieval church history. Van Engen, John Sep 1, 2002 13915
Recent currents in the historiography of the radical reformation. Roth, John D. Sep 1, 2002 5058
Problems and promises of Pietism research. Strom, Jonathan Chronology Sep 1, 2002 8945
Church history, history of Christianity, religious history: some reflections on British missionary enterprise since the late eighteenth century. Porter, Andrew Sep 1, 2002 12851
The history of twentieth-century Christianity as a challenge for historians. *. Lehmann, Hartmut Sep 1, 2002 6347
Women, gender, and church history. Wiesner-Hanks, Merry E. Sep 1, 2002 8586
Tradition and history (1). (Perspectives *). Heitzenrater, Richard P. Sep 1, 2002 8245
Pope pius xi and the jewish question. Rubenstein, Richard L. Jul 1, 2002 7339
Healing in the history of Christianity presidential address, January 2002 American Society of Church History. Porterfield, Amanda Jun 1, 2002 6912
American religious history--decentered with many centers. Stein, Stephen J. Jun 1, 2002 2442
Is there a center to American religious history? Vance Trollinger, William, Jr. Jun 1, 2002 2254
"Does American religious history have a center?" reflections. Williams, Peter W. Jun 1, 2002 1958
Minutes of the annual meeting of the American society of Church History. (Society Notices). Calendar Jun 1, 2002 4959
The resurrection of Mary Magdalene: legends, apocrypha, and the Christian Testament. Schaberg, Jane Mar 22, 2002 3705
Reflections on regionalism and U.S. religious history. Carroll, Bret E. Mar 1, 2002 5117
The shift from church and state to religions as public life in modern Europe. (Perspectives *). McIntire, C.T. Mar 1, 2002 6737
Ecumenism in Mozambique. Massicame, Elias Jul 1, 2001 3575
Ecumenism in the Caribbean. Thompson, Livingstone Jul 1, 2001 3830
Synod launches second volume of history. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 90
Nine Breakthroughs in Catholic Missiology, 1965-2000. Frazier, William B. Jan 1, 2001 5035
European Charter of Rights. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 530
From Chantre to Djak: cantorial traditions in Canada. Book Review Jan 1, 2001 933
Western challenge: the Presbyterian Church in Canada's mission on the Prairies and North, 1885-1925. Book Review Dec 22, 2000 205
Not angels, but Anglicans: a history of Christianity in the British Isles. Book Review Dec 1, 2000 560
Move over, Calvin: Calvin was not the only reformer who influenced how Presbyterians think and worship. Oct 1, 2000 659
THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX EPISCOPATE, 1721-1917: A PROSOPOGRAPHY. Plamper, Jan Sep 22, 2000 9659
Out of the Margins: Religion and the Church in Renaissance Italy [*]. PETERSON, DAVID S. Sep 22, 2000 16720
Companions of the peace: diaries and letters of Monica Storrs, 1931-1939. Book Review Sep 1, 2000 359
BRITAIN 1500. Gunn, Steven Aug 1, 2000 3768
Eusebius Tries Again: Reconceiving the Study of Christian History. Walls, Andrew F. Jul 1, 2000 5814
Through the century with the Presbyterian Record: 1950 to 1959. Jul 1, 2000 631
Geddies: Canada's first Presbyterian missionaries. Ellis, Larry Jul 1, 2000 367
New Fellowship of Baptist Historians: an executive note. Deweese, Charles W. Jun 22, 2000 422
Pilgrims through the years: the bicentennial of First Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia: an overview. Shriver, George H. Jun 22, 2000 6450
Through the century with the Presbyterian Record: 1940 to 1949. Jun 1, 2000 642
Do saints go to heaven? May 1, 2000 444
Fire and grace: stories of history and vision. Book Review May 1, 2000 392
GOOD NEWS. Brief Article May 1, 2000 94
Union and after: Presbyterians who opposed organic union may have been stubborn but they were not sectarian. Congram, John Apr 1, 2000 715
Full-orbed Christianity: the Protestant churches and social welfare in Canada, 1900-1940. Book Review Mar 22, 2000 2777
Through the century with the Presbyterian Record: 1910-1919. Mar 1, 2000 796
Story of Christianity: a celebration of 2000 years of faith. Book Review Jan 1, 2000 500
World history of Christianity. Book Review Jan 1, 2000 303
Baptists and their theology. Humphreys, Fisher Jan 1, 2000 4705
Baptists and neo-evangelical theology. Miller, Glenn T. Jan 1, 2000 7509
Baptists and liberation theology in South America. Moreno, Pablo Jan 1, 2000 4550
It's never been easier to get a good grade at DBU! Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 209
Golden treasury of Puritan devotion. Book Review Jul 1, 1999 450
English-speaking Catholics 1900-1920. Nicolson, Murray W. Jun 1, 1999 3073
125 General Assemblies ago: the union of the churches. Jun 1, 1999 511
History of the Black church in Canada. Gillard, Denise Jun 1, 1999 1557
Election of the first Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Jun 1, 1999 360
"Women of prayer are women of power": women's missionary societies in Alberta, 1918-1939. Thrift, Gayle Mar 22, 1999 4231
Guideposts: celebrating our heritage: (Andrew S.) Grant of the Yukon. Mar 1, 1999 179
(Girolamo) Savonarola: a saint after all? Nov 1, 1998 562
Ecstasy in late Imperial Rome. Bennett, Dirk Oct 1, 1998 3363
Jesus Christ, Lord of history pt1: a century of tears. De Souza, Raymond J. Sep 1, 1998 3609
Uncomfortable pew (reserved seating caused disturbance at MacNab Street Church, 1861). Johnston, John Alexander Jul 1, 1998 414
Some ecumenical principles for teaching and writing history. Karras, Valerie A. Jun 22, 1998 6404
Presbyterain museum seeks artifacts. May 1, 1998 373
Post-baptismal chrismation in Syria: the evidence of Ignatius, the 'Didache' and the 'Apostolic Constitutions.' Logan, Alastair H.B. Apr 1, 1998 8106
Ammianus 22.4.6: an unnoticed anti-Christian jibe. Woods, David Apr 1, 1998 1399
Did John Moschos really die in Constantinople? Louth, Andrew Biography Apr 1, 1998 2562
Women and religion in England, 1500-1720. Book Review Jan 1, 1998 626
Church and change: the story of two churches. Congram, John Jan 1, 1998 510
Church with room for these knights must have room for nearly everyone. Editorial Nov 14, 1997 1610
Luke-Acts and the imperial cult in Asia Minor. Brent, Allen Oct 1, 1997 13630
Pre-Constantinian chronology: the Roman bishopric from AD 258 to 314. Davis, Raymond Oct 1, 1997 15519
The dates and editions of Eusebius' 'Chronici canones' and 'Historia ecclesiastica.' Burgess, R.W. Oct 1, 1997 16957
The "mystery of the incarnation" and Wisdom's house (Prov. 9:1) in Alcuin's 'Disputatio de vera philosophia.' Alberi, Mary Oct 1, 1997 5131
Where did Constantine I die? Woods, David Oct 1, 1997 2166
A note on Jerome's homily on the rich man and Lazarus. Scourfield, J.H.D. Oct 1, 1997 1706
Nicetas Choniates, a neglected witness to the Greek text of John Philoponus' 'Arbiter.' Lang, U.M. Oct 1, 1997 4127
Vision and reality: personal reflections on the Church of South India, 1947-97. Samartha, Stanley J. Oct 1, 1997 6072
Home is where you hang your plate (National Presbyterian Museum). Oct 1, 1997 159
The Caroline Church heroic: the reconstruction of epic religion in three seventeenth-century communities. Barbour, Freid Sep 22, 1997 19400
The holy man in the history of Thailand and Laos. Wilson, Constance M. Sep 1, 1997 10996
Why the church changes its mind: finding the mind of Christ in changing circumstances. Johnston, Geoffrey Jul 1, 1997 1519
Matthias was not a papal appointment. McBrien, Richard P. Column May 9, 1997 629
Who were the first Crusaders? Phillips, Jonathan Cover Story Mar 1, 1997 3530
National Presbyterian Museum. Feb 1, 1997 395
Tale of two cities: sacred geography in Christian Jerusalem. John Osborne Dec 22, 1996 2404
Johann Valentin Andreae's utopian brotherhoods. Dickson, Donald R. Dec 22, 1996 17916
Recovering the past: Celtic and Roman mission. Book Review Dec 1, 1996 735
Lambs into lions: explaining early Christian intolerance. Drake, H.A. Nov 1, 1996 15192
The Memra on the Parrot by Isaac of Antioch. Van Esbroeck, Michel Biography Oct 1, 1996 5151
The crimes of Basil of Ancyra. Barnes, T.D. Oct 1, 1996 2050
Times and tides. Tudor-Craig, Pamela Column Aug 1, 1996 1758
Upper Canada and Bishop Alexander MacDonell: Catholic history pt4. Murray Nicolson May 1, 1996 3472
Toward a global church history. Shenk, Wilbert R. Apr 1, 1996 6672
Popes must be servants rather than celebrities. McBrien, Richard Column Jan 6, 1995 783
The Early Church and Hellenistic culture. Kretschmar, Georg Jan 1, 1995 8450
Mary Tudor and the re-Catholicisation of England. Loach, Jennifer Nov 1, 1994 3792
The secularization puzzle. Sommerville, C. John Oct 1, 1994 3088
"The fatall vesper": providentialism and anti-popery in late Jacobean London. Walsham, Alexandra Aug 1, 1994 20204
The devil and the saints in the conquest of Mexico. Cervantes, Fernando Apr 1, 1994 3942
Meat consumption and social conflict in Corinth. Meggitt, Justin J. Apr 1, 1994 2050
On episkopos and presbyteros. Young, Frances M. Apr 1, 1994 3958
Women and the early Church. Shaw, Brent Cover Story Feb 1, 1994 4666
Leo the Great and Prosper of Aquitaine: a fifth century pope and his adviser. James, N.W. Oct 1, 1993 11003
Luke's exoneration of John the Baptist. Kinman, Brent Oct 1, 1993 1873
Three notes on aspects of the Arian controversy c. 354-367 CE. Woods, David Oct 1, 1993 6918
Heretical sects in pre-Reformation England. Walker, Greg May 1, 1993 4163
Bible reading, "Bibles" and the Bible for children in early modern Germany. Bottigheimer, Ruth B. May 1, 1993 8824
Council of Nicaea. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 158

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