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A modern defense of religious authority. Zagzebski, Linda Essay Jun 22, 2016 5060
Bertrada de Montfort, Peter Abelard, and Adelard of Bath: the critique of authority in the early twelfth century. Mews, Constant J. Essay Jan 1, 2015 14491
German bishops rebuff congregation for the doctrine of the faith. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 209
The church's shifts in spheres of authority: the magisterium in historical perspective. Gaillardetz, Richard Feb 1, 2013 2056
A closer look at Trent. O'Toole, James M. Jan 4, 2013 964
Mississippi Church Apologises for Refusing to Marry Black Couple. Brief article Aug 7, 2012 207
Guided by the word: finding authority in scripture. Brown, Calvin Column Feb 1, 2012 908
Right and wrong: who has final say? Relatively few Catholics look to church leaders as sole moral arbiters. Survey Oct 28, 2011 1226
The sources and exercise of authority and the limits of sustainable diversity. Assel, Heinrich Mar 1, 2010 3438
Ecumenical ecclesiology: One Church of Christ for the Sake of the World. Kinnamon, Michael Report Jun 22, 2009 5875
Burke's tactics may ultimately aid reformers. Editorial Jul 11, 2008 418
Two priests in a dirty war: Mauricio Silva and Christian von Wernich show us two faces of the church in Argentina. Ryan, Jerry Jul 11, 2008 1602
Nothing left but sinners and victims. Cooper, Simon Essay Apr 1, 2008 1461
Authority in the church as the body of Christ--Orthodox vision. Liveris, Leonie B. Essay Jan 1, 2008 5470
Contemplating Rublev's icon: the authority of the trinity and the community of women and men in the church. Chaillot, Christine Essay Jan 1, 2008 3192
Airing out recent history. Roberts, Thomas Editorial Jan 19, 2007 734
Disorganized religion: the Episcopal and Roman Catholic church adopt different tactics for same problem. Kennedy, Eugene Cullen Jan 19, 2007 565
Vatican upholds excommunication. Carney, Tom Dec 22, 2006 1199
Manchester, diocese may market 30 acres. Brief article Dec 22, 2006 200
Woman bishop takes helm of Episcopal church. Burke, Daniel Nov 17, 2006 693
Who will say no to Benedict? The Regensburg speech shows the pope's need for the counsel of others. Allen, John L., Jr. Nov 10, 2006 1312
Reply to professors Paris, Keenan, and Himes. Shannon, Thomas A.; Walter, James J. Mar 1, 2006 2421
Bishops suspend priest hired by St. Louis lay-run parish. Dec 23, 2005 367
Generational differences. D'Antonio, William V. Cover Story Sep 30, 2005 2447
Grass-roots innovation may help new pope reclaim Europe's churches. Bryant, Elizabeth May 13, 2005 1379
Pope John Paul II: a towering figure. Allen, John L., Jr. Cover Story Apr 15, 2005 11891
Obituaries. Obituary Sep 1, 2004 1237
Quinn calls again for governance reform: 'insistent pope' with a 'consultative mechanism' could effect changes, retired archbishop says. Morris-Young, Dan Sep 26, 2003 1447
How is the church infallible? (Glad you asked: Q&A on church teaching). Cunningham, Lawrence S. Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 533
Faroe Islands government would like to see church independent of Denmark. Brief Article Feb 22, 2002 152
Long live the king. Camille, Alice Nov 1, 2000 1828
Hitler's Pope. Doerr, Edd Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 822
Shadow synod targets hierarchy. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Oct 22, 1999 568
Gramick speaks; others silenced. McCLORY, ROBERT J.; ROBERTS, TOM Oct 22, 1999 1727
Who says the church can't change? (Even when it comes to women). Gudorf, Christine Cover Story Jul 1, 1998 4525
Is Rome ready for the 21st century? Schorn, Thomas J. Interview Jul 1, 1998 4520
The bell tolls not for Fiand but for the church. Chittister, Joan Brief Article May 29, 1998 811
So much common ground, debate disappeared. McClory, Robert Mar 20, 1998 1677
Balasuriya tells CTA due process denied. Schaeffer, Pamela Dec 5, 1997 2697
Bishop Clark displays the nature of true authority. Editorial Dec 5, 1997 875
Papacy too heavy for one man to carry. Zizola, Giancarlo; MacEoin, Gary Oct 31, 1997 2174
Pentecost papacy would listen to women: church based on Genesis 1 misses the mark. Chittister, Joan Cover Story Oct 10, 1997 2402
Bernardin's project vital, filled with risk. Chittister, Joan Column Sep 13, 1996 1160
Scaling cathedral walls to preach gospel. Dietrich, Jeff Column Sep 13, 1996 867
Many French Catholics say pope unwelcome. Editorial Sep 13, 1996 485
Thirty years of postconciliar dialogue. McBrien, Richard P. Column Sep 6, 1996 706
Behind closed doors, bishops discuss women's ordination. Roberts. Tom Jul 12, 1996 1358
Quinn calls for reform in papal authority: control-based model usurps bishops' roles, chills move for unity. Schaeffer, Pamala Jul 12, 1996 1211
Galloping fundamentalism erodes church life. Editorial Jun 28, 1996 1129
If the church isn't a democracy, what is it? Appleby, R. Scott Cover Story May 1, 1996 6438
Bishops want feminist professor fired; theologian signed letter to pope calling for women's ordination. Bole, William Biography Mar 31, 1995 1435
Now is the time for a few acts of ecclesial bravery. Editorial Mar 31, 1995 744
Inside NCR. Fox, Tom Cover Story Jan 27, 1995 435
Pain and paradox of a pope on a mission. West, Morris L. Jan 27, 1995 1513
Vatican loses credibility when it abuses authority. Cover Story Jan 27, 1995 974
Why I love the church. Hebblethwaite, Peter Cover Story Jan 6, 1995 1774
He gave new theological genre to church. Jones, Arthur Cover Story Jan 6, 1995 1773
Keeping the faith hasn't been easy. Fox, Tom Editorial Dec 23, 1994 442
Police protect church from onslaught of women praying for church justice. Chittister, Joan Column Dec 23, 1994 988
Progressive Fargo feels new conservative chill; priest shakes up Newman Center parish. Wirpsa, Leslie Dec 23, 1994 3154
Breath of air for a suffocating church. Editorial Nov 18, 1994 475
Priests retain right to debate, promote women's ordination. Transcript Nov 11, 1994 484
Abrupt firings for two diocesan editors. Edwards, Robin T. Sep 30, 1994 901
Catholic editors ponder ways to cope under pope's gag rule. Schaeffer, Pamela Cover Story Jun 17, 1994 1429
Priest critic of celibacy policy silenced by Nashville bishop. Gibeau, Dawn Dec 10, 1993 588
Authority, organization and societal context in multinational churches. Nelson, Reed E. Dec 1, 1993 11433
Disobedience can crucify one, then or now. McBrien, Richard Column Oct 15, 1993 867
Reactions: hierarch; moral theologians; others. Oct 15, 1993 799
Anglicans seek new balance: group reacts to 'traditionalist' images. Hebblethwaite, Peter Sep 17, 1993 726
Women in Washington: clear 'windows' onto the church. Vidulich, Dorothy Column Sep 10, 1993 579
Editors' jobs at stake when bishops decide what's news. Halter, Deborah Sep 10, 1993 1565
Catholic journalism as a chancery bulletin board. Chittister, Joan Column May 28, 1993 2143
More grass-roots Catholics pushing church reform. Swidler, Leonard Column May 28, 1993 394
Censorship casts dark shadow over church. Editorial May 28, 1993 1514
Canadians told church is not a walled city. Babych, Art May 14, 1993 1031
COR plans unofficial agenda for Denver gathering. Gibeau, Dawn Mar 19, 1993 640
Weakland's conciliation may pose a challenge to church conservatives. McBrien, Richard P. Column Mar 5, 1993 753

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