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Church Without Walls open in Lancaster.

Byline: Rachel Halmesmaki Lahti

LANCASTER - Ed Laquidara, of Bolton, uses exotic animals and the Bible to show through science and Scripture that people were created by a loving God who has a plan and a future for their lives.

The 47-year-old owner of Animal Adventures and Ed Laquidara Ministries spoke July 19 at the Church Without Walls, which is held Thursday nights on the Lancaster Fairgrounds, adjacent to Route 117. Laquidara earned a doctorate degree in zoology and, as he delved into his studies, said he realized science changes its mind all the time, while the Bible is always the same.

"Real science supports the Bible, which says that God created things after their own kind," Laquidara said earlier in the week. "Dogs produce dogs, cats produce cats, monkeys produce monkeys, and humans produce humans. A lot of scientists talk in circles, but if you ask, `Can two dogs create a cat?' the answer is `No.'"

Every animal has its gifts from God, but people are made in the image of God with a spirit, soul, and body, Laquidara said.

"Now we know there are 50 to 60 trillion cells in the human body," he said. "The thing about science is we have all these super intelligent people, and they use their intelligence to try to prove we came from non intelligence. Nonintelligence doesn't create intelligence. I used to preach evolution, but I was honest enough to open my mind. And God spoke to my heart."

Student associations invite Laquidara to lecture because they want to see the cool animals he brings. About 800 animals live on Laquidara's three acres and in his buildings at 336 Sugar Road, in Bolton. The menagerie includes an African serval, which made its first public appearance with him at the Church Without Walls Thursday night. Laquidara also has snakes, lizards, alligators, ferrets, chinchillas, crocodiles, about 200 turtles, wallabies, pigeons, de-scented skunks, a Canadian lynx, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and many other animals.

"Once people talk to me, they realize I am not crazy. I am just a normal person who gives God the glory for creating these beautiful animals," Laquidara said.

Various speakers will be at the Church Without Walls every Thursday night during the summer, except on Aug. 9, which is the week of the Bolton Fair. The organizers invite the public to come alone or with family and friends. Bring lawn chairs, beach towels, and a picnic if you like. The event begins at 6:30 p.m.


CUTLINE: Ed Laquidara with the African serval.
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Date:Jul 20, 2012
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