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Articles from Church History (March 1, 2011)

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A Sudden Terror: The Plot to Murder the Pope in Renaissance Rome. Byrne, Joseph P. Book review 830
A Very Brief History of Eternity. Marty, Martin E. Book review 856
Alternative Christs. Miller, Timothy Book review 943
Among the Gentiles: Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity. Lidonnici, Lynn Book review 896
Avalokitevara's manifestation as the Virgin Mary: the Jesuit adaptation and the visual conflation in Japanese Catholicism after 1614. Shin, Junhyoung Michael 15948
Books received. 2655
Catholicity and Heresy in the Early Church. Hauck, Robert J. Book review 1001
Christian America and the Kingdom of God. Lawrence, John Shelton Book review 1001
Christian Reponses to Roman Art and Architecture: The Second-Century Church Amid the Spaces of Empire. Verkerk, Dorothy Book review 699
Dealings with God: From Blasphemers in Early Modern Zurich to a Cultural History of Religiousness. Holder, R. Ward Book review 1136
Death and Conversion in the Andes: Lima and Cuzco, 1532-1670. Seeman, Erik R. Book review 982
Drunkards, fornicators, and a great hen squabble: censure practices and the gendering of Puritanism. Fitzgerald, Monica D. 16294
Enlightenment and the Creation of German Catholicism. Spalding, Paul S. Book review 1018
Faith in the Fight: Religion and the American Soldier in the Great War. Sutton, Matthew Lewis Book review 994
Freedom on the Horizon: Dutch Immigration to America, 1840-1940. Schoone-Jongen, Robert Book review 993
From a Far Country: Camisards and Huguenots in the Atlantic World. Pasquier, Michael Book review 978
From Altar-Throne to Table: The Campaign for Frequent Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. Tentler, Leslie Woodcock Book review 999
Gendering Disgust in Medieval Religious Polemic. Krummel, Miriamne Ara Book review 940
Heavenly Merchandize: How Religion Shaped Commerce in Puritan America. Moore, R. Laurence Book review 970
Hildegard of Bingen and Her Gospel Homilies: Speaking New Mysteries. Coakley, John W. Book review 1018
John Calvin's American Legacy. Bendroth, Margaret Book review 951
Lineages of Empire: The Historical Roots of British Imperial Thought. Irving, Sarah Book review 742
Margaret Fell and the End of Time: The Theology of the Mother of Quakerism. Brekus, Catherine A. Book review 217
Medicine and Religion in Enlightenment Europe. Valone, David A. Book review 908
Medieval Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches. Whatley, Laura J. Book review 1096
Mighty upheaval on the Minnesota frontier: violence, war, and death in Dakota and missionary Christianity. Graber, Jennifer 15000
Miracles, Missions, and American Pentecostalism. Patterson, James A. Brief article 253
Oral Culture and Catholicism in Early Modern England. Comerford, Kathleen M. Book review 709
Paradoxes of Prosperity: Wealth-Seeking Versus Christian Values in Pre-Civil War America. Cayton, Mary Kupiec Book review 971
Performing the Reformation: Public Ritual in the City of Luther. Landry, Stan Michael Book review 1040
Picturing Kingship: History and Painting in the Psalter of Saint Louis. Courtenay, Lynn T. Book review 1404
Piety and Plague: From Byzantium to the Baroque. Kolb, Robert Book review 1025
Preaching the Inward Light: Early Quaker Rhetoric. Eichinger, Juleen Audrey Book review 956
Predestination: The American Career of a Contentious Doctrine. Kidd, Thomas S. Book review 1001
Redeemed by Fire: The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China. Kyong-McClain, Jeff Book review 1034
Religion, Politics and Dissent, 1660-1832: Essays in Honour of James E. Bradley. Wallace, Charles I. Book review 261
Response and rebuttal. Shorto, Russell; Bangs, Jeremy Dupertuis 1860
Riot in Alexandria: Tradition and Group Dynamics in Late Antique Pagan and Christian Communities. Sizgorich, Thomas Book review 1042
Satan in America: The Devil We Know. Baker, Kelly J. Book review 1101
The Church and the Land: The National Catholic Rural Life Conference and American Society, 1923-2007. McKanan, Dan Book review 1048
The Gift of Tongues: Women's Xenoglossia in the Later Middle Ages. Tkacz, Catherine Brown Book review 1002
The Hutterites in North America. Longenecker, Steve Book review 982
The Irish Contribution to European Scholastic Thought. Duddy, Thomas Book review 953
The Search for Salvation: Lay Faith in Scotland, 1480-1560. Dawson, Jane E.A. Book review 964
The Sins of the Fathers: The Law and Theology of Illegitimacy Reconsidered. Brundage, James A. Book review 567
The Spirit of the Law: Religious Voices and the Constitution in Modern America. Weiner, Isaac A. Book review 1027
The Transformation of American Catholicism: The Pittsburgh Laity and the Second Vatican Council, 1950-1972. Gribble, Richard Book review 992
The woman clothed in the sun: pacifism and apocalyptic discourse among Russian spiritual Christian Molokan-jumpers. Clay, J. Eugene 14093
The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910. Carpenter, Joel A. Book review 981
Wandering Souls: Protestant Migrations in America, 1630-1865. Carroll, Bret E. Book review 1021
What Is a Lollard? Dissent and Belief in Late Medieval England. Russell, Jeffrey Burton Book review 981

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