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Articles from Church History (September 1, 2006)

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Abandoned to Lust: Sexual Slander and Ancient Christianity. Penn, Michael Philip Book review 891
An Introduction to World Methodism. Richey, Russell E. Book review 863
Around the Family Altar: Domesticity in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1865-1900. Baldwin, Lewis V. Book review 1001
Baptists in America. Miller, Glenn T. Book review 905
Black Magic: Religion and the African American Conjuring Tradition. Schmidt, Jalane D. Book review 950
Christianity and Roman Society. Tilley, Maureen A. Book review 1052
Convent Chronicles: Women Writing about Women and Reform in the Late Middle Ages. Petroff, Elizabeth A. Book review 886
Creole Religions of the Caribbean: An Introduction from Vodou and Santeria to Obeah and Espiritismo. Chireau, Yvonne Book review 703
David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism. Walker, Randi Jones Book review 848
Disciples of the Desert: Monks, Laity, and Spiritual Authority in Sixth-Century Gaza. Frankfurter, David Book review 359
Early New England: A Covenanted Society. Chamberlain, Ava Book review 1156
Editor's introduction. Editorial 1669
Facade as Spectacle: Ritual and Ideology at Wells Cathedral. Courtenay, Lynn T. Book review 1218
For a Great and Grand Purpose: The Beginnings of the AMEZ Church in Florida, 1864-1905. Israel, Charles A. Book review 924
Fortress of the Soul: Violence, Metaphysics, and Material Life in the Huguenots' New World, 1517-1751. Butler, Jon Book review 1515
From Meetinghouse to Megachurch: A Material and Cultural History. Kilde, Jeanne Halgren Book review 1036
From Monastery to Hospital: Christian Monasticism and the Transformation of Health Care in Late Antiquity. Avalos, Hector Book review 813
From saint to seeker: Teresa Urrea's search for a place of her own. Bayne, Brandon 9591
From tent meetings and store-front healing rooms to Walmarts and the Internet: healing spaces in the United States, the Americas, and the world, 1906-2006. Brown, Candy Gunther 7388
Hesitant steps: acceptance of the Gregorian calendar in eighteenth-century Geneva. McNutt, Jennifer Powell 9211
Houses of healing: sacred space, spiritual practice, and the transformation of female suffering in the faith cure movement, 1870-90. Curtis, Heather D. 6068
Isaac Taylor Tichenor. The Creation of the Baptist New South. McConnell, Tandy Book review 858
John Climacus: From the Egyptian Desert to the Sinaite Mountain. Ebersole, Gary L. Book review 1067
Kissing Christians: Ritual and Community in the Late Ancient Church. Knust, Jennifer Wright Book review 924
Making the American Religious Fringe: Exotics, Subversives, and Journalists, 1955-1993. Winston, Diane Book review 699
Methodism: Empire of the Spirit. Jacobsen, Douglas Book review 809
Miracles, early modern science, and rational religion. Harrison, Peter 8437
One Nation Under Law: America's Early National Struggles to Separate Church and State. Kidd, Thomas S. Book review 822
Opening Scripture: Bible Reading and Interpretive Authority in Puritan New England. Winship, Michael P. Book review 864
Phyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism: A Woman's Crusade. Ingersoll, Julie Book review 924
Politics and History in the Tenth Century: The Work and World of Richer of Reims. Noble, Thomas F.X. Book review 887
Redefining Female Religious Life: French Ursulines and English Ladies in Seventeenth-Century Catholicism. Wiesner-Hanks, Merry Book review 1022
Religion and the Early Modern State: Views from China, Russia, and the West. Cox, Jeffrey Book review 763
Religious Women in Golden Age Spain: The Permeable Cloister. Christian, William A., Jr. Book review 986
Retribution, Repentance, and Reconciliation. Pals, Daniel L. Book review 1108
Revolutionary England and the National Covenant: State Oaths, Protestantism, and the Political Nation, 1553-1682. Clavier, M.F.M. Book review 919
Sacred Circles, Public Squares: The Multicentering of American Religion. DeBerg, Betty A. Book review 744
Saints and their Symbols: Recognizing Saints in Art and in Popular Images. Fulton, Rachel Book review 1081
Saints, Scholars, and Politicians: Gender as a Tool in Medieval Studies. Stahuljak, Zrinka Book review 999
Society notices. 965
The Art of the Franciscan Order in Italy. Bruzelius, Caroline Book review 1212
The Ascetic Self: Subjectivity, Memory, and Tradition. Radzins, Inese Book review 1284
The Barons' Crusade: A Call to Arms and Its Consequences. Strait, Paul W. Book review 590
The Church and Mary. Good, Deirdre Book review 893
The covenantal quietism of Tobias Crisp (1). Parnham, David 14633
The King's Reformation: Henry VIII and the Remaking of the English Church. Seaver, Paul S. Book review 1022
The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards: American Religion and the Evangelical Tradition. McClymond, Michael J. Book review 950
The quiet crusade: Moody Bible Institute's outreach to public schools and the mainstreaming of Appalachia, 1921-66. Laats, Adam 11971
The Sacred Gaze: Religious Visual Culture in Theory and Practice. Dunn, Allen Book review 1534
Themes in Religion and American Culture. Winiarski, Douglas L. Book review 1215

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