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Chronos Richardson and Suzuka Engineering.

Engineering design work has recently been completed on the first Chronos Richardson rubber system to be supplied to Romania for more than 20 years. The phased delivery contract valued at more than 900,000 pounds with Victoria SA Tyre Society was secured in January 1993 after extensive negotiations. First equipment deliveries are scheduled to start this Autumn for the project which involves the supply of a new carbon black intake/pneumatic conveying system and a four line mixer feed system upgrade for Victoria's Floresti - Prahova site.

The recently agreed cooperation protocols between Nottingham-based Chronos Richardson and Suzuka Engineering of Yokkaichi, Japan have been ratified. The agreements cover the following topics: Suzuka Engineering will become a distributor of Chronos Richardson technology in Japan; Chronos Richardson will become a sales agent for Suzuka Engineering technology in all Far Eastern countries, other than Japan; Chronos Richardson will distribute Suzuka Engineering technology in Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa.
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Title Annotation:Contracts, Licenses
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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