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Chronology of major events related to Japan-N. Korea ties.

ULAN BATOR, Nov. 16 Kyodo

The following is a chronology of major events involving Japan and North Korea.


Sept. 17 -- Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang. North Korea admits to having abducted 13 Japanese nationals in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and says eight have died. Koizumi and Kim sign the Pyongyang Declaration calling for efforts to normalize diplomatic ties.

Oct. 15 -- Five abductees -- Kaoru and Yukiko Hasuike, Yasushi and Fukie Chimura, and Hitomi Soga -- return to Japan.


May 22 -- Koizumi makes his second trip to Pyongyang, meets Kim and returns to Japan with the Hasuikes' two children and the Chimuras' three children. Kim promises to reinvestigate the fate of other abductees.

July 18 -- Soga's American husband Charles Jenkins and their two daughters come to Japan.

Nov. 9-14 -- At bilateral working-level talks on the abduction issue in Pyongyang, North Korea says it has reconfirmed that eight Japanese abductees had died in the North, while two others, who Japan claims were also kidnapped by Pyongyang, never entered its territory. The country hands over to Japan cremated remains it claims to be those of abductee Megumi Yokota.

Dec. 8 -- Japan concludes through DNA analysis that the remains are not those of Yokota.


July 5 -- North Korea launches seven ballistic missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan. Tokyo announces a set of sanctions against Pyongyang.

Oct. 9 -- North Korea announces it has conducted an underground nuclear test.

Oct. 13 -- Japan endorses an additional set of economic sanctions on North Korea, including a ban on North Korean nationals entering Japan and a total ban on all imports from the country.


Aug. 11-13 -- In Shenyang in China, Japan and North Korea agree that Pyongyang will complete the reinvestigation into the abduction issue by fall.

Sept. 4 -- Following Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's resignation announcement, North Korea says it will suspend the launch of the reinvestigation panel on Japanese abductees.

Oct. 22 -- North Korea's official newspaper Rodong Shinmun alleges the new Japanese government under Prime Minister Taro Aso has nullified a bilateral deal covering the North's reinvestigation of Japanese abductees and Tokyo's lifting of some of its sanctions once the probe starts.


May 25 -- North Korea conducts second underground nuclear test.

June 16 -- Japan decides to impose additional sanctions on North Korea, including a total ban on exports to the North.


Nov. 29 -- The government of Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan adopts an eight-point policy to deal with the
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