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NEIL Tennant comes back to his home city this month when the Pet Shop Boys play the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on July 23 as part of their Pandemonium tour. Entertainment Editor GORDON BARR caught up with him.

You were a big hit at Glastonbury then? Something we have learned is when you take a full production to a festival, people tend to enjoy it as it has a lot of hits, a lot of colour, it is quite involving. Last year we headlined the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, which is the biggest festival in Europe, and people really liked it there.

Why do you think PSB are such a hit at festivals? Often an audience, at the end of a day at a festival, are up for pop music as they have had a lot of different kinds of music through the day. Pop gets people in the party mood and then they can go off to the dance tent.

We're lucky in that we have quite a lot of hits so we don't have to do all the old hits. We change the hits we do on each tour.

Your Battleship Potemkin has also proved really popular. We did it in Dresden where the film was shown on this old Communist apartment building and each member of the orchestra was on a balcony around the screen and we were on the top of the building.

It was certainly amazing when you did it at Swan Hunter in Wallsend.

"I agree that is an amazing, dramatic space on the river. The whole thing with the cranes, it would be a great site for a festival because you could use the outside and the in - we're coming up with a really good idea here Gordon - and the buildings as well.

Do people still mention the Dairy Book of Home Management to you, which you edited in the 80s? It was the biggest-selling book of the decade. I am still occasionally asked about it. It's one of those things, whenever we are doing something and it feels like hard work, I always think 'it's better than doing The Dairy Book of Home Management'.

Why? That was a very tough. When I edited that I was 23 years old and I wasn't really that experienced and I had loads of editors, writers and photographers and we had to put that encyclopaedia of all aspects of the home and gardening and DIY and legal issues in just 10 weeks and it was the most tough job.

What's your plans for the rest of the year? Well, we finish this tour at the end of August and then we will start thinking about the next album. But also working on the ballet we're doing.


PET SHOP BOYS: Neil Tennant, right
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 6, 2010
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