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Chronic conditions and COVID-19.

Hospital-based labs across the country are conducting myriad tests to monitor the underlying chronic health conditions of seriously ill, hospitalized patients with COVID-19. MLO lists many of those conditions below as percentages of all COVID-19 inpatients.


of the patients had diabetes. Diabetes was most common in patients aged 50-64 years


of the patients had severe obesity (BMI [greater than or equal to] 40), and was most common in those aged 18-49 years


had chronic lung disease with asthma documented in 10.5% of all patients

25.6% had cardiovascular disease and was more prevalent in those patients aged [greater than or equal to] 65 years


had hypertension and was more common among black versus nonblack patients (69.6% versus 54.0%)


of the patients without high risk conditions were admitted to the ICU. 15.0% received IMV, and 5.1% died while in the hospital.

Source: volumes/69/wr/mm6915e3.htm

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Title Annotation:Fast Facts
Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
Date:Jun 1, 2020
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