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Christopher, Lucy. Flyaway.

4Q * 3P * M

Christopher, Lucy. Flyaway. Chicken House, 2011. 336p. $16.99. 978-0-545-31771-9.

Every year, thirteen-year-old Isla and her family wait for the arrival of the wild swans. After six years of the swans not appearing, Isla and her father are surprised when they see the flock approaching. Just as they catch up to the flock, Isla's father drops to the ground, has a heart attack, and is admitted into the hospital. While visiting her father in the hospital, Isla sees a swan that has lost her flock and makes it her goal to not only help the swan learn how to fly, but to reunite her with her flock before they migrate. With elements of surprise, determination, and suspense, this story is sure to stir many emotions, while also giving readers joy and satisfaction at the happy ending.

Author Lucy Christopher weaves together a beautifully written story that is hard not to connect with. Readers will connect with Isla's moments of joy, satisfaction, and even magic as she is trying to save the swan, while also experiencing Isla's feelings of uncertainty and fear about her father's complicated health condition. During her visits to the hospital, Isla meets a boy in the cancer ward. With the innocence of a first crush and romance, he is able to lessen the hardships Isla is facing. Although the book is slightly slow to start and Isla's character, at times, can seem young, Flyaway is a perfect book for younger teens who are looking for a good story to connect with.--Jessica Skaggs.

4Q Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses.

3P Will appeal with pushing.

M Middle School (defined as grades 6-8).

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Author:Skaggs, Jessica
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2011
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